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Oct 8, 2003
alright guys i'm looking to have some bolsters done on my next folder.
what are some good names out there to contact to get the job done?
any web sites i can check out? thanks guys i appreciate the help.
thanks man. his stuff looks really nice. and the prices seem pretty damn good too

i'dlove to have julie warenski engrave my next knife but i think my knives arent good enough for her work yet
Julie has a long wait time to have knives engraved. Some engravers are also very expensive. You don't want the engraving to cost more than the knife is worth.

Where's the pictures of the first folder?
I 2nd Joe Mason. I've known him several years, and have watched him go from a small hobby engraver to one of the better engravers out there. Joe's prices are really good also. He does excellant gold inlay work, if wanted.
thanks guys i appreciate the suggestions. need to take some time and look into all these suggestions

Chuck: hey man i know Julie's stuff is definately top notch. like i said i think i got some time before i would bother wih getting some of her stuff done. it would be like her engraving a man hole cover ;)

I'll post pics soon. i have to filework and anodize the liners, clean up the bezel on the thumb stud and get a strip of silver down the inside of the backbar to engrave my name into then i'm done
yeah he does have nice work.... i really like the look of joe mason's stuff too.... we'll see what i egt for response of the first knife, then i'll decide how much i wanna spend on engraving

but if you think of it, bolster material can be expensive. mosaics, damascus, mokume

so using nickel or SS is pretty cheap material you can kind of justify some of the cost of the engraving