Enough of blind purchases & pre-orders!

Jun 24, 2007
It may be the day - I'm 62 today - but I really think I am just tired of being less than thrilled over knives I've waited for. I will exercise restraint in the future. In fact, I will only purchase only knives I've seen before - even handled. It puts the kibosh on getting the new releases - but I can wait a bit. I just seem to continually get burned on less than what I thought they should be purchases. The only recent purchase of an unseen/untouched knife that exceeded my expectiations - and boy, did it - was the ZT-301. They really are a deal.

On the other side, my Boker Haddock and Pry-Mate were somewhat less than I expected. Finally in hand, the Buck 337 Paradigm Pro was easy to leave at the dealer's. On the other hand, the '07 intro - finally - of the Buck #408 & #419 Kalinga Pro models proved them to be worth the wait... and now they are gone - go figure. A Buck Custom Shop 110, if my few are an indicator, is worth the cost and wait - I will buy more there. I won't be pre-paying an esoteric knife for some future delivery... not me! From stock, only!!

A few highly praised blades have been sore disappointments for me.
I'm more careful now about who's advise I heed on this forum.

The 0301 is a workhorse... love that blade.
Its the biggest problem with buying things online in general. You go mostly on what they look like and what you read about them. Thats why brick and mortar stores are so valuable if you have them near you to feel the knife before you buy it.

Ironically the last knife I recieved (in a trade) was a ZT-302 I too am loving this knife and it is way better than I thought it was....in fact its in my pocket right now, but I'll leave that for another thread;)
I'm quite lucky in that regard as I live by Warriors and Wonders so can handle all
before I buy. However, lately I've been buying from ebay, some stuff you can't get
locally. I hope I don't start to feel the same way as you do. Good luck though
sitting back and waiting. Sometimes I sit on some things before pulling
the trigger and am glad I did, and end up purchasing something totally different from
what I originally wanted. :)
Hi Stainz -

Happy birthday!

On the subject of pre-orders, there were a couple that I had wished I had gotten into, and because I did NOT, I did not get the knife - The Kershaw Volt comes to mind - although I was able to pick up a nice blem from 2brothers after the fact.

I am more than happy to wait to get a knife; oh sure, I do get anxious knowing one is on the horizon, but I can deal with that.

I have gotten a couple knives that, once in hand, were not 100% what I thought they might be, but with these types of knives (i.e. pre-ordered specials or limited editions) I can sell them off and not really be out much money usually.

I tend to buy knives so that I can see and handle them - then the plan is that I'll sell them off. That is the theory. In practice, I keep them and have them modified.

I just sent off my Ritter RSK MK1 with CPM-M4 blade to Phillip Dobson for more of his wood-working magic to make that knife one that I would be more apt to carry.

Keep in mind that this is a hobby for many of us - I certainly do not rely on my knives to save lives or to survive - I just love to have them and play with them.

My wife hit it on the head for me - my knives are like "man jewelry" for me.

She really does understand!

I hope you enjoy your birthday - now go pre-order something!

best regards

I'm with you brother. The list of knives I've bought sight-unseen and TRADED, is much longer than the list of ones I've kept. I try to at least wait until the hype has died down and some real users chime in with their opinions before I'll buy online. Doesn't always work out that way.:rolleyes:
I agree.

I really like the looks of the new ZT 0550 coming out and also the new H.E.S.T. folder. But I'm not pre-ordering anything. I will wait for the pictures and reviews before purchasing anything. Plus the price usually comes down after the initial offering.

Thats just the way I am.

Stainz,Happy birthday! So the Paradigm doesnt live up to the hype?I havent handled one,but they look cool.What was it you were disappointed with?
I'd rather pay much less buying online and live with the occasional disappointment.
As for pre-orders, most of the time there is just no way around them: by the time of the release the knife may already have sold out.