Entrek cobra review

Mar 19, 1999
I just purchased the cobra from entrek knives, last friday, I bought it because I found out the maker Ray Ennis lives fairly close by, and I wanted to check out his work. I picked the knive that looked to be the most useful for me from his website. He stopped by my house and personally delivered it to me on his way through my town. I only talked to him breifly, but I have to say he was extremely nice, and I enjoyed meeting him, and look forward to seeing him again. Now about the knife, the pictures on his website do not do the knives justice, the cobra I got was beautiful, the micarta handle is a sort of black and grey wood grain type pattern, the handle feels great in my slightly smaller than average hands. The blade grinds are perrfect, and it overall has a great fit and finish. I have bought three lower end custom fixed blades,(under 150 dollars) that I planned to use, and this is by far the nicest of those three in terms of looks.

I finally got to use it hard yesterday, I had been carrying it off and on for the last week, and it worked great cutting up at work cutting up fruit, but sunday I cut up 30 or 40 cardboard boxes, cut through 10 pieces of 1 inch pvc, and the knive did great, the edge is still hair shaving sharp, and the blade shows no signs of corrosion even though I have cut several limes, lemons, and oranges with it, and have not really cleaned it up after use. It is my first knife in 440c, and I wanted to compare it to other stainless steels, It has to be right up there on my list with any other stainless steel I have used.
Kydex sheath it came with is made really well, I have no problems carrying it on my waist, usually I dont like to carry fixed blades very often in town, but when I wear the sheath slightly behind my left hip, and tuck the bottom into my back jean pocket, I forget the knife is there, and it is mostly hidden from view when I where a t shirt of baggy sweatshirt. I am used to sheaths for this size knife like the one for the BM nimravus, with a clip instead of a belt loop, and I defintely prefer the entrek sheath.
I am very happy with this knife purchase.