Entrek Knives

Jun 12, 2000

Do any of you own any knives made by them? I'm curious to hear reports on them.
I own an Entrek Destroyer, I love it. It's tough as Hell!. If you have large hands you might not like them as much because the handles are kinda small, but the steel is great, it stays sharp and it's beautifully crafted. The sheath is nothing fancy, just very thin kydex, but it works.
I would say that if any of his designs appeal to you get one.
I have a "Destroyer" which I just recently received. Mine is a satin finish blade w/ green micarta in a leather sheath. The handle ergonomics are just great IMO tho' I do not have overly large hands. This thing is an awesome chopper. I got it primarily because I was intrigued by the Tactical Knives review (July 2000 issue). I've not "tested " it exhaustively, but so far I find that it really lives up to the rave notice that TK gave it. At the risk of creating some flames here, I used it side by side with my Busse #7 and tho' they are not fairly to be compared, the Entrek is bigger, heavier, etc. etc., I liked the Entrek better by every comparison and would choose it over my Busse for any task in the chopping, fire building, basic survival catagory. I particulaly liked the way my Entrek edge held up when chopping the same materials. The Busse chipped, the Entrek did not.

God is Soooooo good!
Thanks for your information gents.
I'm really interested in both the Destroyer and the Bison model.Looks like great prices for quality knives like them.
Have to put the thinking cap on now and decide.

I have the JAG ( http://www.petestacticalknives.com/cusfix.htm#Entrek ) and I did not find any use for it. For such a small knife the blade is very thick and heavy. Yes, it is impossible to destroy the knife but that is the only positive thing I found so far. The blade was not sharp and looks more like the blade of an axe. I guess that you might be happy with bigger blades since they are probably very good choppers. Also the one piece KYDEX sheath is very poorly made. The knife is secure but makes terrible noise in it.



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I own one of ray ennis's custom knives, that is the name of the guy that makes "entrek" knives" these are his bench made line of knives. The entrek line just doesn't do his custom work justice. I was stationed in North Dakota(air force). ray's shop was just down the road from the base and I visited his shop quite often. good man to do business with. He doesn't have a web site yet but Here is his address, ask for a catalog. good luck.
ray ennis
509 S. 3rd St.
Grand Forks N.D. 58201
Thanks for the information,have to see about getting a catalog from the gentleman.

Talok, here is Ray's website: http://www.ennis-entrekusa.com/

You can see pictures of all his products there. BTW - I have an Elk and a Javalina for sale, both of which are new in sheath. I can make you a good deal on either one. Email me if you are interested.