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Epoxy resin question....Please help.

Jul 2, 1999

Would epoxy resin make a good protective coating for a sword scabbard? If so how can you dilute the resin to make it spread better, it is roughly the consistancy of tar and does not spread. Any comments are appreciated. thanks.


Louis Buccellato

Experiment with rubbing alcohol as a thinner. I used it like that to coat the inside of gas R/C boats and it worked fine. I realize it's mostly water but it worked for thin coats on wood. PLEASE test first though!

First - www.westsystem.com
Acetone will thin epoxy with about a 10% wack. This will give you strength, and penetration. Finish the job with a 2 part linear polyurethane enamel.Z-Spar,Interlux, or if you like, Epefanes Mono Urethane. Look for West Marine Stores for these products. Epoxy with out a cover coat will not give you duability. The Urethanes also come in clear, as well as colors, and may be used as a high tech varnish.