Espada large g10 blade markings

Jan 11, 2013
Hello may I ask 2 questions?
I just bought an Espada large g10 (like it a lot) and want to mod it for personal taste.
1) i want blank no marking blade. I want to remove Cold Steel, Espada, Made in Taiwan, markings removed from the blade and make it into naked blank blade. Any suggestions how I can go about removing the markings? Are they laser etched into steel? How hard is it to remove the blade markings?
2) i want satin finish the blade and pocket clip. What grit sandpaper do you guys recommend? Ty


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Sep 24, 2002
When I customize a Ti-Lite 6 I sand the blade markings off both sides of the blades. I don't know about the Espada, but on the T6 the etch is very shallow.

My method - I carefully tape off the ground portions of the blade with masking tape, leaving the flat areas bare, then I start with 220 grit sand paper, and work my way up to whatever finer finish I want. Starting with any grit higher than 220 and it's going to take quite awhile. I wrap the sand paper around a rectangular piece of hard rubber with a flat surface to keep the paper flat and help me avoid sanding the tape. A small piece of wood would work as well.

It is possible to make the blade markings completely disappear, and without removing much steel.



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