Estate sale find.....Very happy with this!!!!

Feb 13, 2005
It isn’t much, but it’s mine now!! I really like these Chicago Cutlery folders, and I was lucky enough to get this mint condition P22 hunter linerlock today for a mere $18 at an estate sale. I have a few of these now, the P25 folding fillet (The “traveler”), P19, L36 and now the P22.
(see pic below).
The P19 and P22 are my favorites. They are good and heavy, feel good in hand, have nice fit and finish, and the blades are high carbon steel. If what I read online is true, these were only produced for a short time in late 70’s and early 80’s, and are “rare.” Not so sure about that, But I like them. Finding the sheaths seems harder than finding the Knives.

Anyone know more about them or have some pictures of yours to share?


The P22

Nice instructions "press" on the linerlock...LOL

from the top - Traveler(P25), P19, L36 and newest addition, P22

P19 has double blade
Very cool. I've been using Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives for 30 years. Never seen their folders before.
I bought a Chicago Cutlery pocket knife at a hardware store in Victoria Texas, a stockman, if I can recall that far back. It was lifted from my possession shortly afterward--damn and blast it! I've never seen one since, except in pictures here. There were several on display with a combo-edge with the serrations at the tip.