Et Tu, Mr. Korn?

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Jan 21, 1999
I ordered a $17 international catalog from last December but until now Mr. Korn has yet to deliver it. I've been emailing him twice a week but received only one response last January and he wrote me he's not sure why I didn't receive it yet, but nevertheless would send another one. Unfortunately, until one I haven't received any yet and he's been ignoring my emails.

It is very costly to call or fax him long-distance to follow up on this. VISA alreadt billed me for the catalog and I guess I'll just have to contest Mr. Korn's billing.

I'd like to ask my co-forumites some advices on how to deal with a problem like this, especially for foreign customers like me who are left with little option but to buy knives only thru online stores.

Mr. Korn, if you are reading this, I hope you would contact me.
As I look around in my cluttered mind and think of some unanswered correspondence and a bill or two with a late charge, I suspect that there's a non-sinister explanation for all this. I know I was a happy customer of Knifecenter with a large order, just before I turned into a dealer myself.

The Internet is a wonderful and useful thing, but Web forums are not a good place to resolve business misunderstandings. All "Trials by Internet" I have have followed have had the same verdict - Mistrial.

It is also awkward for me, as both a moderator and a dealer, to "moderate" a thread involving a complaint about a competitor. And that's why, without prejudice, I am locking this thread.

Not open for further replies.