Etching the pattern

Oct 16, 2000
Hi All,

I have been working on teaching myself how to etch the patterns in Folded/Wootz blades.

After I etch with my method the blade could definitely use a polish...however, I'm afraid to use flitz/similar products because I'm afraid It might degrade/rub off the etch...

What can I do post-etching to lighten the blade and perhaps highlight the brought-out pattern without undoing any of my work?

Try taking a piece of the last grit paper that you used and back it with a piece of wood or Micarta and just sand off the high parts so the shine and leave the etched color in the low oarts.It looks really good this way.I do buff my Damascus after the etch and don't have a problem with it,as it seems that the etching solution takes out the 1500 grit scratches and I don't have the rubbed finish showing through the etch.
Hope this helps some,

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