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Even my **WIFE**!!!


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Oct 6, 2000
Mrs RokJok went to the store yesterday to get some meat for grilled kabobs. She remembered that I usually get sirloin for kabobs, but wasn't real sure about the finer details. So she wound up bringing home a package of sirloin tip steak, which is much tougher than my usual top sirloin. Since she was cooking for that meal, I didn't realize what had happened. Anyway, she cubes it up, marinates it, skewers it, grills it up, and serves it out on the picnic table.

When we tried to take our first bite, each of us gnawing away at it like it was shoe leather, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. She made a comment how this must be "the toughest meat in the world!" The plastic picnic knives didn't even make a dent into that stuff, just kind of shredded at it a bit. So I handed her my Assault Shaker to use, while I hoisted my Basic 7 from my belt to the tabletop for me to use. On her first cut, as the Shaker sank easily into that tougher-than-hell beef, her eyes got real wide and she said, "Oh my goodness!!" As she sliced & diced the beef cubes into thin slices she kept commenting on how sharp the knife was and how easy it made cutting up that tough beef. For being such a fat little wedge of a knife, the Shaker has a very good cutting edge. She absolutely could not get over how easy it sliced the meat.

While we used the Busses to sliver the beef into thin delicate slices and munched away at them, I told her about the shape of Busse knife edges & why they're so strong, about the ductility of INFI, and had her hold the Basic to check out the difference in the feel of the handles & how comfortable the Basic handle is. She was impressed with the Shaker being all metal and real comfortable to use, in spite of it being a 3-finger knife.

It's a testament to the impression the Shaker made on her that she didn't even flinch when I told her what the Shaker and the Basic 7 cost. You other married fellows know that the reaction you get at the disclosure of what a knife costs is the litmus test for the longevity of your knife habit. Uh, I mean knife hobby. I told her that since she likes the Shaker so well, I now know what I can get her for a Christmas present this year. She laughed, but may just find some INFI in her stocking come December 25. ;)

The only bad thing I found about the meal was that the Basic 7 is too heavy to lay across the edge of a paper plate without unbalancing the plate. Unless of course you actually want to upend your dinner onto the table.

Jerry, on my wife's first slice with the Shaker yesterday, you got another convert. Looks like smuggling Busses into the house just got a whole lot easier. :D Thanks for the great blades and the help!!
Hi PapaThud,

I seem to recall that you had something to do with my getting that Shaker in the first place. IIRC it was something like handing it to me and saying, "Here, check this out." ;)

Yours in nuclear complicity,