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ever find knice knives at garage sales?

Dec 15, 2000
Has anyone ever found great deals on knives at garage sales?

I don't make it a practice to go to garage sales, but I'm wondering if anyone has scored on some nice knives.
Not exactly a garage sale, but an Antique Mart. I picked up a fixed blade custom knife by Tak Fukuta. It says Parker Custom Series 0145 on the blade, with Micarta handle. I wish I knew more about it. Paid $50.
Here is a good one!
I got a "like new, still in the box" Puma Game Warden Lockback at a garage sale for $5.00!
It was not priced and I asked the lady running the sale how much. I quickly paid for the knife.......

Years ago, 3 MINT Randalls at $25 a piece at a stoop sale!!!

Garage sales...markets...'stoop'sales..pawn shops...deals are usually not where you'd expect them. You may seldom intend to actually go out and find a Randall or Puma or whatever..but deals of all sorts present themselves when we least expect...all it takes is an open attitude and always be on the lookout. Only problem with this method of acquisition is there are lots of temptations out there...many other great things to spend the moolah on once you get into the habit of buying 'deals'. Some people even make a livlihood out of buying and selling such 'deals'...known in the antique trade as 'pickers'. I've done business over the years with some pickers that come down to the sunshine state to enjoy the warm weather and 'pick' their way thru making it a paying vacation.

Yeah I used to hit garage sales when the timing was right...once got a shoebox full of fixed blades...mostly post ww2 Soligens and Bowies, quietly picked up the box to keep it from prying eyes and made my deal...embarresed to say how much I paid, but I did get change back from my $10
I collect old military knives. I've gotten WWI trench knives, WWII MK2 combat knives, and hand made WWII daggers--all at garage sales. I got a Randall model 10 at a Goodwill Thrift store for $1.00.

The best time to try thrift stores is January, lots of people donate things at year end for tax reasons or to make room for all their Christmas loot. You get the best selection and prices at garage sales in April-June. This is when people who just want to clear out their houses before summer vacation have their sales.
I can't seem to drive past a yard sale without asking if they have any knives. I've gotten a mint Milpar pilot's knife from Nam era for $1, lots of Kabar's and 225 Q's for pennies, and some other good ones. But none compare to my buddy who got a Randall model 2 with ivory handles with a broken tip for $35. Knife had an 8" blade which became a perfect 6" blade when he sent it to Randall to grind a new tip. He also found a Randall model 1 for $20 at a flea market on Canal St. years ago. I keep searching for that Loveless owner who dies without telling family how much they are worth
Jeff, check this out. I deliver our local morning edition and the Wall Street Journal to some 400+ customers in an upscale retirement home. I sent out a flyer with all the papers one morning stating that I was interested in paying a fair price for any old knives they might have to add to my collection. I was met at the door the next morning by a woman who said I could just have her husband's old WWII vintage knife. The knife? A guardless, and truly WWII vintage John Ek double edged combat knife, as per Bernard Levine, who has examined the knife personally. Pretty cool find, eh? She refused to take any money for it.

I know. Not a Garage sale. Better.

"When loss and gain are alike to one, that is real gain.."

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That couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
. ('cept maybe ME...).

I DID pick-up a MINT condition NIB! Gerber BMF in an area pawn shop for $35, including sales tax.

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That's it!!

Randalls for 1, 5, or even $35?? SOLD!!!!!

After reading these stories I'm going to stop every single time my wife yells yard sale!

Hey, I'm just trying to be a good husband.

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I got an old pre WW II Marble's Ideal for $1.25 at a garage sale with the orginal sheath.



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Well today, I picked up a Ka-Bar boot knife with nickel bolsters, and it looks like a fake MOP handles. I't sin pretty good condition, and the best thing is, my dad paid for it. (about 23 bucks)
Gary, One of my best and most valuable knives was bought at a flea market. when I bought it, I didnt know how rare it was. All I knew was that it snapped good, and it was 18k gold. It turned out to be worth over 2,000.00. I will not sell it.

Haynes Stellite, by Larter. Possibly less than 50 produced. They were produced in 1915. Possibly less than 10 were made in 18k white gold.


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Just got three decent knives from a coin broker:
A small case exec.
A small kershaw Exec./w bone handles
And a older case electrcians knife in good
shape except for minor tarnishing of blades. The exec. knives are all in new condition except for some pocket gunk. All for under $30. Not bad considering he wanted $25 alone for the electrcians knife.
Got a Buckmaster with one scratch on the blade for $10. The guy was smiling like he just ripped ME off!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by 9engine:
Got a Buckmaster with one scratch on the blade for $10. The guy was smiling like he just ripped ME off!


So I assume by your caps lock, that you figure that you ripped him off? Perhaps you appeared to him to just need a great deal that day, yeah?

"When loss and gain are alike to one, that is real gain.."