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Ever lose some interest in knives and, if so, which new blade got you going again?

Sep 21, 1999
Recently noticing a 'blah' when I'm knife browsing but the LCC is giving me that familiar tingle.....
Anyone else ever have this trouble? Share some stories if you have 'em.

I lost interest in knives about 10 years ago for a short time, but it was not a knife that got me interested again. It was looking at an issue of Blade magazine that got me going again, and I have not lost interest again since then.

I got into knives a bit with my snap on dealer he sold kershaw so i had a few work knives and always kept them in good shape survivel knives were big then so i got one of those but i got bored caise there was not really much out there for me and kinda stopped that was about 10 years ago then i saw the ken onion knives in the truck and flipped i didn't know there was such cool knives like that out there i saw some microtech stuff and started collecting again and now i am here i have a blizzad, blackout, amphibian,and a few assorted things i am going to get a microtech for christmas well thats all
Originally posted by Keith Montgomery:
I lost interest in knives about 10 years ago for a short time, but it was not a knife that got me interested again. It was looking at an issue of Blade magazine that got me going again, and I have not lost interest again since then.

Ive been going through the "blahs" for some time now. Ive been there before but never like it has gotten lately.
For me I need to find a new direction to take my knife hobby or just drop out all together for awhile...?
Im starting to find myself leaning on guns and hunting again, which is fine...It will give me more of an opportunity to use all these knives Ive bought

I'm still in my knife envy phase, but it will pass, just like all the other interests I develop. The good news is, it just goes in cycles really...knives then guns, then knives, then fishing, then guns, then knives....

The whole thing is cyclical, at least for me.
The good news is, that for this time around, I now have an MT LCC ( AWESOME ), and should have my MT Socom Elite tomorrow..not to mention the Spydie Wegner and several other great knives, all of which will easily see me through the down time
Excellent info guys! I've never seen an issue of Blade but that would give me some serious information and some great pics/reviews. I know what you mean Kdarmy about a 'new direction' for your collection. I have a few left and just can't get focused. I hope my affliction is cyclical as well. Just waiting for that wave to take me back in. Thanks for the replies!

Don't know if you could call it the blahs but have just slowed down the buying part untill I find a knife the hits the spot cause I want alot so can't buy all I want. Knives will always be in the blood it has been for many years and will stay for many more I hope. Soon as I find the knife that rings my bell then I will strike. Untill then I will play with the ones I have got.
I too have also found myself losing interest in knives lately. My collection is pretty well rounded, and I can't seem to justify buying anymore right now.

My last knife purchase was a Socom Elite and I think it's one of the best knives for any price you could possibly buy. I bought it at a gun show back in September, and haven't bought anything since.

However, if I did, the knives by Matt Lamey really stir the senses, and give me that once familiar feeling. Just wish I could afford that Sunrise Fighter.

I don't have plans to buy anything in the near future. I don't even use what I got.

I don't even scan BladeForums that much anymore.

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Man, I thought it was just me! I've been going through the blahs lately, but I have a number of hobbies that wane. I told Classified00 that my theory was that the original Emerson CQC-6 created the tactical knife trend and really changed the market. Now, everyone makes a high-carbon macho knife with a black handle. True, the LCC caught my interest, but I disagree with the 'Compact Combat' name. With its simple, yet useable sweep of a belly, I think its more of a 'hunter' model. It's a good daily carry where a Tanto can be too extreme. And I'm over serrated models. I bought a pair of those 'cuts anything' scissors. 'Nuff said.--OKG
Wow! More people suffering than I thought! I've seen some people talk about going into knife making but that really isn't an option for me..... What are the other options when you start desiring higher end (more $$) knives and can't buy as often? I wonder what other people have done to diversify their hobby? We need Jonas to be our savior leading us back to the fold!
Maybe Paracelsus or another pro can give us appropriate counsel?
Interesting info!
The feeling has dropped off a bit. The last knives I bought were a Spydie Chinook & a MT LCC.
I also got into Case knives as sort of a "down the road" hobby to share with my three year old son when he gets "old enough".

I may get excited again, but I don't think I'll go out and buy 5-6 knives a week, like I did at the height of my enthusiasm. There are so many similar knives from many manufacturers, all the same - similar materials, quality, design, etc.

I am still interested in getting started at MAKING knives though.


A day without Spydies is like a day without ... WELL, Spydies!!!
My interest in knives has never been stronger, mostly because I've moved to custom made knives, where the makers have been willing to work from my designs. I have had two hunters made by JA LOnewolf, a big Bowie made by Max Burnett of OGG Custom Knives, and I'm working with Art Washburn on my first custom folder. I'm not done buying production knives, but there is something special about having some input with the making of a knife.

So, if you're feeling the blahs my suggestion would be find a maker you like and have him make something just for you. I don't think it matters if you only buy one knife a year or if you have to wait months for that knife, in fact that may be part of the fun.

"Will work 4 Knives!"
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ah ha!
thats what you get for buying too many in a short amount of time!

knives arent giving me the blahs,but this forum is getting repetitive.
I'm with PhilL here. Grab the ear of a maker here and get cracking on a knife just for you. Heck, get yer sorry behind back in chat for a couple nights. There are enough good makers in there, and lots of people to rekindle your interest as well.

Good ol' chat. It's kinda like knifeaholics unanimous. If you feel yourself slipping out of the habit, there are enough "supporters" to make you need a fix again.....
What I tell myself, when I get the,"Blahs", is keep searching for that ONE PERFECT KNIFE. That usually does it, and I start looking again!! Or,I go argue with the old lady,and that usually kicks me in gear!!
Come to think of it, it might be a good thing my interest will probably soon be waning...Afterall, if someone had told me two months ago that I would think spending $174 for a Commander was a bargain, I would have laughed out loud.
I just don't have the money to keep buying $150 box cutters & mail openers, and of course the wife doesn't hesitate to point out to me that is about all I use my precious knives for

One thing can be said though, Glocks & Microtechs about just about as good as it gets for me, and that's plenty good enough.

About a year ago I got the blahs, but then I discovered some high speed folders, like the Sifu, the Sebenza, the Military and I got recharged.
I picked up quite a few folders(and I prefer Fixed blades) and was quite content with them for a bit.
Lately, folders have been giving me the blahs and I find my interests leaning back towards fixed blades. All thanks to the Bob Dozier General Utility I picked up recently.
Now I am hooked and will be picking up more of his blades(eventually even one of his tab lock folders).

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