Ever played Mumbly Peg?

Jul 5, 1999
How about dropped knives.
Reminiscing on a Sunday as I wait for the Cowboy game. Any one remember the rules? All I can remember is that if a Sebenza owner wants to drop knives, I'm willing.(limited time)
Can't remember mumbly-peg rules exactly.

Well, it seems that there are variants on this game. What we played was
stupid enough. You spread you legs and threw a knife between them sticking it into the ground.
You then moved you foot nearest the knife to the knife
and watched the competition. Elimination was hitting yourself...
last one playing was the winner.

The obvious optimal strategy is to throw the knife
as close to one foot as you can and NOT "safely" in the middle.

Here are two others.

>M--[whatever] peg, as I played it whilst in grade school had two
>versions, both played with those pocketknives that your mother did not
>want your father to get for you.
>The sane version was similar to horseshoes played with knives. The
>object was to toss your knife so it stuck into the ground, point-down, as
>close as possible to the mark.

Umm, the one I learned was a little crazier. You knelt on the
ground (or I suppose you can stand...) and then balanced the knife on
its point on your finger, trying to flip it into the ground point first.
If you did, you got to move on to the wrist, the elbow, the shoulder, the
chin, and back down the other side. If you didn't stick, your turn was
over. First one to get up one side and down the other won.

My parents were actually the ones who taught me this, although
Dad cautioned us to play in a clear area. A friend of his had played next
to a basketball court and a stray ball hit him while he was playing
off the wrist. The word "impale" came to mind. Ouch!

Dances with lemmings

You know I seem to remember playing all variations, or maybe a variation of all. Seems like the ownership of knives was the reward. Don't remember anyone getting hurt, but remember the term "chicken" used a lot!

My mom told me when she was a kid she played 2 similar games with the boys.

When I played this game you had to balance the knife tip down on various parts of your body.

You started by standing up and the first position was your knee, yes you had to bend over to do this, You released the knife, it had to do one flip and stick in the dirt.

You gradually went higher on your body until you reached the top of your head. We even held our hands waist high and flipped it off of each finger to make the game last longer.

Everybody also had a little stick, like a popsicle stick, sharpened at one end and stuck in the soft ground in front of them.

Every time that it was your turn and the knife didn't stick the person to your left got to tap your stick on the top driving it slightly further into the groud.

After the first person made all of the flips from knees to head, left to right side, he was considered the winner and everybody else had to pull the mumbly peg out of the ground with their teeth. Yes, some of us even ate a little dirt but when you are that young it's a fun game.

The rules were probably different depending where you are from but 25 years ago it was all good.
Jeez, I feel way out of touch. We played "mumbly peg" through my teenage years, and it was basically what the actor who played the android in Aliens did during the movie. You take someone else's hand, put your hand over theirs, and as quickly as you can, stick the knife in the space between each finger then return to the space between the thumb and first finger. We called the resulting scars "idiot marks".

I can't believe we did that!

p.s anyone up for a game?


2nd. grade recess is not the same.What do kids do now?No scars from mumbley peg.I gave one to a friend playing chicken. I still visit him. Another good story.Stretch was safer.The marbles that you won made good sling shot ammo.

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Yeah, grade school just ain't the same, anymore...nowadays, though, I guess the variant on mumblety-peg would be to see who could shoot a Coke can off of who's head...

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