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Ever thought of getting a real Khukri maker to co-moderate this forum?

Suddenly, it struck me at midnight (cross my heart). Why not get a true blue Nepalese khukri maker to ask some of the more difficult questions on khukris and other related subjects.

That would really be getting it from the horse's mouth. Surely, it won't be that difficult to link up Nepal and Gurkha House via laptop-satellite connection.

I know this is feasible because several years ago, a colleague went up to Bhutan to set up their computer system for them. Nepal is more advanced in other ways than Bhutan, but that's another story.

It would really be interesting to see the whole perspective from a Bishakarma's eyes.

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Jan 10, 2001
Brings to mind another thought - Can anyone possibly imagine what a Sanscrit keyboard would look like to a Westerner????
Am I the only one who has noticed that our friend golok seems to have posted a suggestion addressed to *another* forum?
Gave me a good chuckle, though.

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The video of the kamis actually making khukuris really gave me an understanding that answered more questions than I knew to ask. Even after reading everything in the very informative FAQ I still wanted more. There's something about movies that seems to virtually put me right there. It also helped me see the engineering applied and now I can do stuff like take off and re-do handles and work on scabbards because I understand how they're made. It's just amazing to see the masters at work.

Hope this helps you even a fraction of what it did for me....Dan

(No kidding, I'd rather have the video and one khukuri instead of two khukuris. It's well worth the price of a khukuri, even tho' only $30. I learn something new every time I watch it, and it just might get worn out someday!)
What about Gelbu? Isn't he on the 'net?
I know he doesn't make blades, but...