Ever used your survival skills/pack in anger?

Nov 12, 2005
I thought it was about time to try out what I know and what I have put together as a survival pack.

Before I do this, has anybody here had to put their skills or pack into use for anger or have their tried using just their survival pack?

What did you find out and what have you changed as a result?

I will be within a short walk of my 4x4 when I do this trial run.

Any feedback would be great.
Jul 31, 2002
This is pretty lame but:

A long time ago I was hunting elk in the mountains, mostly forested area with a few feet of snow. I was maybe 17. It had been thawing during the day for a while, so everything was just above freezing and soaking wet. Nothing dry anywhere. I was underprepared with uninsulated leather boots and jeans, and got pretty cold.

Long story short, I had to use every trick I knew to get a fire going. Numb hands, wet wood, a pocket knife and wooden kitchen matches. I did light the fire with one match though, using pitch I had collected from nearby trees.

I generally play it pretty safe. Most of my "survivalis skills" are manifested in preparedness. I enjoy practicing skills, and feel certain that the practice has kept me out of trouble. It makes you a much more skilled outdoorsman.

I think doing a "dry run" with your gear is a great idea, and sounds like a lot of fun. No better way to find the weak points and the stuff you can dump.

Aug 25, 2004
Used in anger??? Hmmm.. Well if having an argument with the wife (now exwife) then going on a spontanious camping trip with only what was in my pockets (PSK included of course) counts, then I guess I have. :D
Jul 12, 2002
I almost threw my smaller ruck at the manx when he woke me up at 3:00am to go outside.

It's a good idea to shake your gear down prior to needing it in earnest. I've added edged tools and took other gear out that after using the kit for a year, was never used. I've made up other kits, using smaller containers that I use for hiking, hunting etc. I'm going to add a basha type of tarp to my gear, to add more shelter possibilities.