Everyone please help? I need pics.

Apr 19, 1999
Hi all! Good day and i like to thank you all first. Can anyone PLEASE help me to accumulate knife pictures? PLEASE? I'm trying to build an archive of folders; tactical folders or fancy folders. I've been looking around and found some but most of them are too small in size as i 'blow' it up. Personal collections are VERY welcome, any size, any brand, any maker under the sun. Please sent JPEGs to; fastjudy@hotmail.com
I thank you in advance.
Okay, I've attached several pretty good custon folder pix to an email for you. They may take a while to download. Hope this helps.
Keninshiro, you may use any of the knife pictures on my website. Just "steal" them using the right button of your mouse! I'd appreciate if you credit the work if you use them since the knives pictured there are ones I've finished myself. Also please don't use the sheath pics...

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
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I think you should send him a picture of your custom Purple Playdo OTF.

I don't know if you have showed that on this forum.But it is definately worth another look,absolutely hilarious good workmanship also.

Thanks Rick and Chiro75, Appreciate it. Let me explain why i need the photos, i'm trying to compile a referrence archive for folders. It would not be used commercially or any where remotely close to it. It is just for my personal viewing pleasure. And if i do, i'll ask for your permission first and it will all be credited to whom ever that took or own the photos. BTW Rick, i like to see the custom Purple Playdo OTF that bodeen mentioned....thanks for the tip! Last but not least, thank you again!

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Okay Bodeen, here's the rare Microtech PLAYLO. I'd almost forgotten about it.
Actually, the idea came from a smart-ass comment Valmet made when he first joined the MT forum. It has a bubblegum blade (really), a purple playdoe handle with candy sparkle dagger logo, and a green glitter Popsicle stick charging lever. I guess I had a little too much time on my hands that afternoon. Sorry that the photo sucks.
Whooaarr...Nice one RICK! This i definately will keep and the photo is alright! BTW, i do know how to save by right hand clicking, is just that personal collections or even semi customs are rare thing to find. I've been to most major sites and have accumulated close to 800 selected folder pics! Thank you everyone! If you need my help, just name it and i'll see what i can do!

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Just to let everyone know if you all would be interested to get a copy of my archive in cd. Of course it will be free! Send to you, no gimmicks, no nothing. I want to share this good hobbie of mine, thats all. To the owners of the pic. ,may i?

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