Everyone's latest acquisitions!


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Dec 27, 2014
Edit: OOPS, here. I put this in the wrong thread--I've had the Eagle for quite some time. I'll copy and paste this into the EDC thread where it belongs.

A few days back I noticed that our friend @Quiet had posted pics of his new Wilson Combat Les George Eagle. In May, he had most graciously welcomed me into the "Rainmaker Owner's Club" as well as carrying and posting a pic of his in solidarity. It's my turn now to welcome his inclusion into the "Eagle's Nest" and carry mine today to honor that event. There was swag--drink coozie and snacks, as I recall--that came with my club initiation, but we have little to offer here at the Nest other than a tip to keep those Teflon washers lubed with liquid TriFlow to keep your slim and handsome knife light-switching open smoothly and easily.


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Jun 8, 2020
Benchmade Presidio II Auto. I hate it. Too bulky, Auto button is harder to operate, Blade opens "Clunky" & slow-ish. Good news is I bought it on here New condition with box and everything cheap.


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Nov 10, 2006
Mail call brought me a Spyderco Smock. I won't even dignify it with a picture. I'm extremely disappointed.

Pivot felt like there was sand in it. Even with the lock depressed, I could barely even shake it closed.

Let's get to the lock. I know people were really excited by this. I hate it. The position it is in makes it push into my thumb when flipping it open. I almost dropped it on the first flip. I'd rather have a regular compression lock. I also don't like how much it protrudes, and that it's off center.

It's boxed up ready to go back to DLT.

On a positive note, I was able to get my Brous bionic razor sharp, after much work. So at least I have another wharnie style blade to carry. My para 3 Spy27 steals the show.

Not sure what I'll replace the Smock with.
I am very sorry to read this. I hate it when a knife doesn't measure up. Happy searching for the next one.

Mick Boardman

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Jul 15, 2020
BAFE0BDE-4097-4368-A63C-10C9B8C83F15.jpeg This one arrived this morning. It cost less than a tank of gas, but it’s a decent blade. Needed a few licks on the stone and then final passes on a ceramic slab. It’s as sharp as they get now. Sheath holds it snug, and easy on the draw. Needle point and scales have a raised texture that gives a slip free grip.