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Evolution S54; any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives' started by znapschatz, May 19, 2018.

  1. znapschatz


    Jan 24, 2005
    This seems to be an alternative to the Swisschamp carried forward from the Wenger catalogue. It has most, although not all of the S'champ features, and a few extras, like a locking main blade, adjustable pliers, wrench and compass.
    It is also priced a bit less. Are any forumers familiar with it?

  2. Old Biker

    Old Biker

    Sep 25, 2016
    I have carried a Swiss Champ in my left front pocket for years. About a year ago I bought a S54 online, thinking it might be an alternative to the Swiss Champ. It was way to fat for pocket carry even for me. So I removed the scales, drilled the heads off of the rivets, and removed the compass and the fish scaler. That removed four layers and brought it down to eight. I can manage that, I would have liked to remove the wrench tool, but it is opposite the Phillips screw driver, and I am unwilling to loose that tool.

    This is what I like better about my modded S54 than my Swiss Champ.
    1. The scissors. I think the spring design is more robust, and I think the small serrations make them cut better.
    2. The spring on the pliers. This is the same as the scissors. I'm undecided on the slip joint on the pliers. I think it makes them more versatile, but they also have this nasty habit of slipping into the wrong position as you go to close them.
    3. The teeth on the metal file go clear to the tip of the blade. On the Swiss Champ they stop about a quarter of an inch short.

    What I don't like about the S54 as compared to the Swiss Champ.
    1. No parcel hook and no chisel on the backside.
    2. No ink pen.
    3. There is a nail file where the small blade belongs.

    The wrench tool doesn't seem to me like it would be good for anything except rounding the corners on small nuts and bolts. The locking main blade sounds like a good idea. But placing the release tab where it falls right into ones grip when using the knife, takes most of it's usefulness away in my opinion. On the other hand the locking feature for the Phillips and the large flat blade screw drivers, looks like it should work well, under heavy use. When it's all said and done, I still carry the Swiss Champ, and the S54 sits at home on the dresser.


    I'm editing to add a couple pictures.
    this first one is my modded S54 alongside my Swiss Champ.

    Modded S54 with blades open
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
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  3. Samrat Laha

    Samrat Laha

    Nov 7, 2018

    I am from India and recently brought the S54. I donot own a Swiss Champ, but one of my good friend does. Therefore, I am in position to compare them. So, I present my review of the SAK's.

    In brief I shall like to say that all SAKs need to have a modern overhaul. For a company based on something so innovative like a SAK, Victorinox seems to be very traditional and Orthodox. They don't modernize their designs or make them modular. Again I dont seem to understand, why they make the components from the same steel when they can make each component from material suited to its use. Let me explain how.

    1. The Large Knife: Change design to something like an extreme ratio KH. Multiple angles of a blade can serve multiple purposes. It applies to both the SAKs. The lock is good in S54 and should be incorporated into champ.
    Link: http://www.extremaratio.com/prodotti/coltelli-lama-fissa/machete/kh.html?___store=en

    2. The Small Knife: I never understood why it was dropped out from S54. Again, the design could be made to something like a karambit. Specifically vulture Karambit. Serves opening of packaging far better. Again, If someone wants to keep the nail file, keep it on the surface of the wrench. For, the nail cleaner function swiss champs file tool had the best provision, just get it back. Use the blank surfaces without increasing load.

    3. The plier and the Scissor: The S54's is better and more robust than swiss champ and should be replaced to the champ.
    4. The file: Both are equivalent, just Swiss Champs sport a extra nail cleaner. That fuction could be added to S54 as mentioned earlier.
    5. Lens: Better in S54, as the lens has reach. But, the screw-driver head part could have been made into a medical spatula, by slightly shifting the lens down. (The function already exists in the can opener).
    6. The saw is fine in both.
    7. Fish Scaler and Hook Disgorger: S54 has better design, but the swiss champ has the measurement scale. The need to be hybridized into one thing.
    8. Wrench: Present in S54, but absent in Swiss champ. Again the surface could have been used a lot more proficiently. For example, bicycle spoke straightner cum spoke screw tightner could be easily made on the lateral surfaces, apart from the nail filer etched on the surface.
    9. Philips Screw Driver: Why is that needed? it should be replaced it with a precision bit holder, with philips head in one side and allen on the other. Victorinox already has it in xavt models. Why not in Swiss Champ and S54.
    10. The plastic Scale with compass: The worst thing in S54. Drop it!!!. Its a good for nothing space consumer. As mentioned earlier the scale could be on the fishing disgorger like the swiss champ and the compass could be on the big red unused handle surface of both swiss champ and S54. Again please change the compass to a more slimmer, marked, oil damped one of bigger diameter. The one supplied is a sorry excuse. The space saved can easily accomodate a victorinox nail clipper and something else.
    11. Bottle opener, can opener, Awn, cork-screw, tweezers and tooth-prick are same in both models.
    12. Hook, pin, chisel, ball pen, mini screw driver, small screw driver all missing in S54 but present in swiss champ. Why? No, good reason for ommiting features seems to be there, when the space exists.

    Finally, let me end with a comment from my friend that the Chinese are getting more innovative with the swiss army knives (design wise), as compared to the swiss themselves. He happened to mention that in a cheap rip-off that he had seen, the precision magnetic bit holder can also be used for attaching either a spoon/fork/spork head attachment, sold separately as accesories, with their bases made as heaxagonal bits, which attached magnetically. The whole nifty thing came with a case too.
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