Exceptional Customer Service

Oct 11, 1998
It seems that a majority of what I normally see is complaints about Internet businesses and I just wanted to take the time to relate a story of exceptional customer service to you all.
Last night I ordered a few items from an Internet cutlery dealer. I had wanted these items for quite a while and knew them fairly well. There were no pictures up on the site of these items when the order was placed but this really didn't matter to me.
About an hour after I placed the order, the proprietor of the business emailed me to say that he had just put pictures up of these items for me to see. I went to the site and it was as he had said. I feel that he had gone way beyond the normal run of things. I had already ordered but he wanted to make sure I was happy.
I feel that in the fast paced realm of the Internet it is far too easy to get caught up in the impersonal nature of it all. I rarely get such good service even from local businesses. The last place I expected to see it was on the Net. It is good to see that there are still those out there who really care enough to take time out to make sure that the little things get accomplished. I feel it is these little things that make me, as a consumer, more informed and satisfied overall.
Anyone else have a good story to relate about an Internet vendor?
Oh yes, by the way, the vendor in question is--
Bullman Cutlery

As a standard disclaimer, I must say that I am in no way related to or employed by this vendor.
Just a satisfied customer.
Thanks Bruce!


Compact thanks for posting the URL, the prices there are really good for the models I was looking for. Plus he carries a knife that I have been surfing the net looking for.

Coho61 (Greg M)
Kodiak Alaska

Where did you read about bad service from internet knife dealers ?
I've never heard of any around here, and I visit often.
The vendors of knives that I have experience with set the standard for any other dealers service on ANY commodity.
Later, Bill
I have read complaints mostly on rec.knives and occasionally on this forum.
I didn't mean to imply that all people do is complain.
I merely meant that in my experience the complaints far outnumber the truly positive comments.
I agree with you that many of the businesses on the Internet provide good service. I was just trying to promote the interchange of positive feedback for those that go the extra mile.
Thanks for looking.


I've been raving about Bruce and Bullman Cutlery ever since I discovered his site. He goes out of his way to make sure you're satisfied, even when it costs *him* money to do so. His prices are attractive, his selection is good, but beyond that, you never have to worry about going away from a transaction unhappy. When I purchase a knife online, his is the first place I check and the place I always end up to buy. If he doesn't have your model listed, he can get it so just ask. His shipping is super fast, too...every time I place an order, it's in my hands within 3 days. I, too, am not affiliated, related, or otherwise in cahoots with Bullman Cutlery, I'm just a very happy customer.

Antonella Giordano

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Thanks for the tip on Bullman Cutlery.
I've got their sight bookmarked and wouldn't have even known about their existence without your post.
Hi Compact!

I would just like to personally thank you for posting the URL of Bullman Cutlery. Like Bill said, if it wasn't for your post, I too, wouldn't have known about their site's existence.

After reading your post here, I decided to check out their site, and while browsing, I noticed that there was an error in one of their description of a CS item. I think it was the 13AN Tanto which they mistakenly described as a SanMai III blade material, along with the 13BN model, which is the same. So you can imagine the confusion (and possibly tons of emails inquiring about the cheaper SanMai knife! what with the difference in price.
). I'm not even a buying customer yet, but decided to put them to the test. I emailed them and told them about the problem, and guess what? in just around 20 minutes I received an email by Bruce himself, telling me that the error has been corrected already, and that if I should find others, to not hesitate and let him know.

Like I said, I'm not even a buyer customer YET, and already, he showed how dedicated he is and how he goes out of the way to correct whatever needs correcting.
I think it was even close to midnight when I wrote him! gee... talk about dedication.

I think he just needs more exposure. I'm sure that time will come too. People like him are pretty rare these days.
I know where to stop by the next time I need some cutlery stuffs.

Again, my sincerest thanks, Compact!

Best regards,

I have bought knifes from at least 6 different internet dealers. Call me Mr. Lucky... but I've never had the slightest problem with any of them. One must be very careful in telling others what one is thinking. Misinformation...(or lack of) in a deal can make for unwanted results. "I thought they where going to send the latest model that just came out yesterday, they sent the old model." Hum. Just my experience.

Not saying things can't go wrong, but in some of the cases mistakes could have been avoided if the people involved had more info.