Exchange Rules - A Few Questions.

Sep 18, 2003
I am about to put some stuff up and wanted to clarify some things I found in the rule book. Thanks.

Example: I have one Buck and one Busse to sale and have met all prerequisites for using the exchange usage rules.

Section 2.7 - Consolidate your threads. If you have multiple knives to sell, post them in a single thread. Or you can do different threads on different days. You are only allowed 1 sales thread, per day, per forum. Let's keep it fair for everyone.

Section 3.15 - Consolidate your sales listings. Do not list single items in separate threads. This means 1 thread per day, per individual.
You want to list multiple threads? Do them on separate days. We will not tolerate people spamming threads.

I noticed 2.7 says "1 sale thread, per day, per forum," whereas 3.15 says 1 thread per day, per individual."

Q: I may prefer to post ALL in the same thread so I only have to maintain/monitor a single thread. I understand I will lose viewer potential. Can I do this or must all knives go in their respective forums?
Q: If I must separate then according to these rules can I post a single FS thread for a specific knife that falls within a specific forum each day since these knives cannot be consolidated into a single thread or cross posted, correct? IOW, there is an instance where I can actually start two different FS threads in two different FS forums today.

Esav Benyamin

Apr 6, 2000
One thread each day in any given forum. Since Buck and Busse each have their own separate forums within the Exchange, you should post a separate thread in the correct forum for each.

As a Gold member, you can also add a link in your signature line to sales you are running at the time.

If you subscribe to your own sales threads, you can check Settings to see if there are any updates.