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Executive Edge Knives


Oct 3, 1998
I was checking out this thread on rec.knives and was wondering, Mike, have you seen or heard of these things? I have one that I got a while ago and wanted to get another. Maybe you know where to get 'em?
Just moved and got the computer up and running and scanned the forums. My household goods get delivered tomorrow in which I have the address where I've ordered Executive Edge knives before (I'll email the name and phone number). The "Trading Post" had a complete selection.

I have the larger "Frazendiero" model and three of the smaller "Grande" model pen-styled knives. The "Grande"'s are very discreet and razor sharp. If you have one, you'll notice the unique lockup. I gave one to my wife, who keeps it in her shoulder bag, and she really likes it.

I'll drop you an email as soon as I get the address and phone number.

I am also interested in a source for Executive Edge knives. Bought one in '86 from Atlanta Cutlery, and it's beginning to get a little worn. Great shirt pocket knife. If anyone knows of a source, please let me know.
Catoctin used to have them. They are like little pen knives and they are made in Brazil. Not sure who carries them now.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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I'm pasting this from rec.knives:

From: Andrew Gnoza <gnoza@gulftel.com>
Subject: Executive Edge Knives
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 23:43:13 GMT

If you have been looking for these knives and been unable to find them locally I am a dealer. Contact me via e mail with any questions.

Andy Gnoza


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