Executive edge knives

Feb 16, 1999
Does anybody know a source for executive edge knives? I have several that i've picked up over the years usually one a time on a closeout in a gun store or a surplus store. I know they are made in Brasil and I remember seeing the importer at the New York Custom show a couple of times but I heard he had died. They are great knives---superslim profile, unique strong two point locking system and super sharp. Just the thing when you want or need to be discreet. With a little practice you can even one hand although this is easier with the bigger ones. Any help as to a source will be greatly appreciated.

I've seen ads for these recently in back issues of TK or Blade magazine if you want to research.
I have the Fazendeiro(?) largest model and may still have the little info slip that came with it. I'll check on it tonight.

Phantom4, I've passed this source on before:

B&D Trading Company
3935 Fair Hill Rd.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

They carry the full line of Executive Edge knives...and send out a pretty good brochure. Hope this helps,