Experience with knifesite

Nov 19, 2000
When converted to Canadian dollars, the prices on some items at knifesite (www.knifesite.com)seem to be extremely competitive. What's the catch? I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has had experience ordering from these guys. Thanks.
Sorry I can't help you on this, I never heard of them.

But ... If you post a URL in full, with no characters touching it (like parentheses) it will form a clickable link: http://www.knifesite.com which makes it easier for people to check out the reference.
Where do I start?

Lets see, they don't return your telephone calls or e-mails for one.

A co-worker and I have both been trying to order from them for the last three weeks with no luck. I even went so far as to place two orders with a callback request for my credit card number last Monday. I was notified that someone would contact me within 24 hours. Guess what? Thats right, no callback. We have both left telephone messages and e-mail messages with also no replies.

Perhaps they are not ready to sell into Canada yet.

See their posts in the Canadian Forum.

Gary Ranson
I'll have to agree with you on "knifesite"
not responding to e-mails: I sent them a couple of queries a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. Guess they're just not that interested...
I had similar experience with one of the much-praised and competitively priced web companies selling knives. Great collection, great prices but no response to e-mails. Phone line was constantly busy for a week. Then I gave up.
I am still unclear about their operational methods selling those knives.
Maybe, it is like relationships: don't get disappointed, just take the next one....

(Last inappropriate joke before Christmas, promise.)