Exposure Revisited


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Oct 14, 1998
I gave in, I bought Exposure. Anyone who really wants it should check out Ebay, www.reel.com, and ccvideo.com for starters. It is also available on Laser Disc.

Okay, there is the knives on the table scene. From what I see, here's some of the array (13 knives)

Joe Kious (sp?) Double edged sub hilt dagger
Classic Randall
Randall #14
Applegate Fairbairn
A fixed blade resembling a BJ Fixed Mamba
Cold Steel Tanto
Buck Fixed blade ala Scream
Don't you think they oughtta do a remake of this film? It came to me in a dream that they did so (even further from Fonseca's "A High Art") with a woman in the lead role who had herself been attacked with a knife and sought out an instructor (some dark, mysterious looking dude) to teach her offesive and defensive manuevering. It would ultimately be a loosely adapted tale of revenge, but with an Alanis Morrisette soundtrack and no dragging places (like the original), mixed with the tacticals available today, the remake has potential. Of course it'd probably be viewed as more fuel for anti-knifers, so never mind.


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