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David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I have a sheet of .196" thick AEB-L on the way to Jarod for plasma cutting and heat treatment, but no knives planned for it yet, except vaguely one really big and beastly chopper for my own personal enjoyment. Designs up to 23" overall length are possible. Knives from this batch are going to be heat treated to about 59-60 RC for extremely hard use, while also featuring my characteristic flatvex geometry to enable great cutting power in your hard use tools. So if you want a 1/5" thick knife ground for performance, in the king of tough stainless steels, get with me by email or PM and we'll figure out your spot in the order books. Thanks.
Lol! These ones are going to be a lot of fun to beat on stuff with.
I tried to resist, but I'd like to put myself on this list. Will get an email out to you in the next few days.
I still have spots on the sheet, but I am setting a deadline for order submissions, because two gentlemen have already placed deposits to secure their spots. Given the lead times currently with Jarod's plasma cutting and heat treatment, I want to place the order with him ASAP. So if anyone else wants something please get with me soon, as I'll be filling any unused space with "random" designs and sending the order in Friday, June 9. Thanks!
Good morning friends, and thank you for your kind interest. Email and PM sent. Looking forward to working for you!
Is there a good chance you are doing more sheets this year of other stuff?. ....Idk if .196" is too thick for my design?
I just looked at everything in CAD, and after the designs that are already committed, there are still three designs looking for a spot on the sheet and only two of them will fit. The race is on guys.
One spot left
Here is what is slated. The ones in green are the ones not yet committed. Remember I am placing this plasma cut order with Jarod Friday at the latest, or as soon as the sheet is full.

View attachment 1595916

I think it should be mandatory that This group of knives be in a pass-a round.......hahaha. :D
there is ALOT of Super Cool Shapes in there!!!
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