Eye of the Needle

Oct 3, 1998
This is partly for Spark and his posting request. Did anyone see the movie Eye of the Needle with Donald Sutherland made back in the early 80's I think? Anyway to this day I remember and want the sleeve rig and auto Donald Sutherland used. It seemed he only had to move his wrist and the knife dropped right into his hand and sprang open.Anyone here remember that knife and possibly know anything about it?
I vaugely remember it. I think the knife was a hunting knife of sorts attached to a spring loaded mechanism. I sure would not want to carry it as it may fire when you don't want it.

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I remember it was an auto and had stripes on the handle. In one scene he had his arms up in surrender then the handle apeared and if I remember it might even have been an OTF and he brought his arm down and stabbed the guy in the neck.I think I might rent it just to see the knife again.
One of my favorite movies. It was indeed an OTF. But I am almost sure the blade was in fact a dart shape or spike. Hence "needle".
But as far as the make, HIIK.

I also like that movie and own it.
What I remember most about the movie was the excellent nude scenes of Kate Nelligan.
(Evidence of my mental health ?)
Here it is. I'm looking at the cover shot where it shows Donald Sutherland ("The Needle") getting ready to dispatch a brit.
The cover also goes on to explain that the nickname "Needle" was hung on a German Spy with the penchant for dispatching his enemies with a switchblade.
The knife is definately an OTF, and it has an "ice-pick" blade. Hence,"Needle".
I think I'll watch that movie again this weekend and pay more attention to the knife.

If you want to know more about this knife contact Sheldon at 'The Newsletter'. He knows the guy who made the 'Needle'.
URL: http://www.thenewsletter.com/

The book on which the movie is based is pretty nice as well.

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