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EZ-Lap sharpener question

Jan 1, 1999
Depends if you want portability or at home/ shop use. The convenient DOUBLE SIDED Eze folds (3/4" X 1") seem to bring a good value since you can have 2 seperate grits on the same folding paddle. One grit on each side of course. They fall just about at $30 retail. The 2" X 6" fine diamond hone rests on a nice walnut block that is suitable for general purpose use and falls at $27.50 retail. If you want plain and mundane the steel plate model with a fish hook groove measuring 1" X 6" X 1/4" goes for $12 retail.

The handiest are the 1x6, get a med and fine, for a little more, the 2x8 for bench use is really nice. The 1x6x1/4" sizes are the one I use the most though, like 95%.