Fällkniven G1 - Initial Impressions

I received my Fällkniven G1 a couple of weeks now, and I've worn it all days since.
I thought I would share some of my impressions with it.

Initially I felt rather uncomfortable wearing it, since it was my first neck knife.
After a few days, I became accustomed to the additional weight on my neck. Now it
feels natural to wear it. I only wish it would weigh some grams less, but as I
spoke to Fällkniven about it, they told me that they often make the blades on their
knives somewhat thicker than their competitors. This adds to the weight, but also makes for a more robust knife.
The knife is attached safely to the neck kydex sheath, and there is no risk of losing it, since the sheath grabs the knife quite good. One has to yank it loose quite hard to
remove it, which is good. There is nothing more bothersome than a knife that is lost
because the sheath could not hold it properly in place...

The handle material makes it hard to slip with the knife. Black Thermorun feel very
good as a knife handle.

The double edge makes for easier penetration. The initial sharpness of the knife is very good.

Since the knife blade is coated with black teflon, it is less reflective. This coating
also helps keep rust away. I would anyhow recommend Tuf-Cloth or something to protect the edge, just in case...

My overall impression is that it is a very good knife. Time will tell if it is as durable as I hope it is, but Fällkniven has a good reputation for producing high
quality stuff so it should not be a problem

I recommend it to everyone who feels unsecure walking the streets at night,
or anyone who wants to have it as a backup. It competes in the same category as
Gerber Guardian Backup, which is somewhat lighter, but does not offer a neck sheath.
The blade is also a bit longer on the G1 than on the Gerber. Since it should be
regarded as a backup, the blade does not have to be longer. It would be too visible
to others having a 6 inch blade inside the shirt...

Fällkniven also offers the WM1 with a neck kydex sheath.


Tech Info (from Fällknivens own catalogue)

Total length=190 mm
Blade length=90 mm
Blade thickness=4.5 mm
Weight=100 g (knife)
Neck sheath=20 g
Hardness=59 HRC
Handle material=Thermorun
Coating=Black Teflon ®
Sheaths=Kydex ®



Oct 4, 1998
Excellent review, Thomas! I now know quite a bit more about the G1, which sounds like a very well made and practical knife.