F-S Commando from Brigade QM


Mar 8, 1999
Got the latest Brigade QM catalogue yesterday and it offers for $39 a British Commando knife ( Fairbairn - Sykes ) that is supposed to be from the contractor to the Ministry of Defense, and of actual British issue type.

I've wanted an F-S, but the Wilkinsons are way too expensive. I have little experience with Brigade QM, but it sounds a little too good. They say in their catalog that they brought it back, so has anyone bought one of these previously from BQM or had other experience with them? I don't want to waste my money on something like the "genuine gurka kukri from the government contractor" another company sells.
Well, the few dealings I have had with Brigade Quartermasters were pleasant enough, though I never bought knives from them.

A comment on the FS Commando knife;
If you are buying from a colectors' standpoint, I encourage you. It's a neat knife with neat history. However, from a using standpoint, there is a reason that Col. Applegate "refined" the design. We are all familiar with the stories of points breaking off, how the handle can be a bit unwieldy. I personaly find it pinches when executing a thrust against a physical target. This knife was patterned on, and is better suited as, an assassin's knife. It therefore probably does have some use as a sentry removal tool. Being that this is an unlikely use nowadays, I reccomend Col. Applegate's knife.

I had an F/S in my collection for a good long while, it was an el cheapo deluxe knockoff, but it was fun to play with, while it may not have the best handle for using, it is great for flourishes and showing off. If anything like that's what you have in mind, you should be happy with one. One more time, if you're getting one for use, especialy in a military context, get the Applegate.
BQ is an honest company, however, if you look carefully, you'll notice that some of what they sell is borderline at best. Much of their business is from the "Walter Mitty"s of this world. These people want the show but don't want to pay for the "go". That's OK. It is just as liget' as anything we might do, just don't confuse the two.
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I don't plan on using it, but want it capable of being used. It should be solid as the design allows. I also want reasonable quality , along the lines of the kabar. No junk, no fancy stuff I've got to wear gloves to handle.

As far as Walter Mitty, seems to me there's a difference between the Mitty's, who know they are just daydreaming ( and have fun doing it ), and the wannabes who think some bad a-- object makes them instant godzillas. I'm at least a bit of a Mitty, as I expect are a lot of us. For me the F-S is a tangible bit of history, and a tribute to those who've made it's reputation, so I'd like mine to be a pretty good one and am willing to pay what's needed. Natural selection ( and low IQ ) will eventually take care of the wannabe's.

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First of all I have nothing against BQ, as I haven't dealt with them. To the best of my knowledge these are not current issue, at least not general issue here, but I may be wrong. Certainly, I think most British soldiers would prefer a ka-bar anyday. Just because its current issue (if BQ's claims are true) doesn't mean it's any good. And I don't think it is. They retail in the UK for £15-20, which means that if you reverse the trend of dollar for pound prices that we pay for US knives, the FS would retail for about $15-20 if it were made in the US. Which is what I reckon these ones are worth. The Cutlery Shoppe offered them a few years ago with the same claims at the same price (along with the MOD4 which they called the Para knife which is definitely worth the money). (I think I just contradicted myself!)

So, if you want a good fighting dagger design I'd recommend a Gerber Mk. 2 or something, if you want an authentic WWII reproduction save up and get a Wilkinson-Sword FS with the blackened, knurled brass handle, and if you want a REALISTIC combat knife, get something single edged withw a comfy grip and a decent sheath.

My tuppence worth.