Failure Point of Lockback/frontlock knives

Apr 23, 2000
I read a thread by frank aka rage whereby he tested different knives for lock strength. Thread here:

One of the knives he tested was the Spyderco Endura which failed after very little pressure compared to the other knives. My questions, since I just got an Endura, are: Just what is the failure point of Lockback or frontlock knives? Are these types of locks inherently weak? My Endura feels solid, but I am concerned.

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Physically, lockbacks and linerlocks are weaker than integral locks and the Axis lock. Depending on your use of the knife, how much that matters to you may vary. For example, I own two Axis lock folders, but am purchasing an integral lock folder for hiking use, due to the greater resistance to fouling by dirt and debris. Of course, no folder will be as strong as a fixed-blade...


I popped a Cold Steel VG apart very easily, but the failure was due to the knife coming apart due to the low strength of the handles. If they were G10 it would be interesting to see how strong it would be. As for the Endura Spyderco has defined strength limits for their folders, just ask on their forum where the Endura fits in. Side on, prying wise, the lock is very strong. I snapped an Endura blade in half and the remaining blade bit still was functionally secure - though a little side play was evident.