Fairbairn Sykes Commando Dagger

Oct 11, 1998
I remember when I was younger that virtually every surplus store had droves of these knives at very low costs. Now I see them for sale no more. Sure, there are the new "improved" versions by Applegate/ Fairbairn, even the folding models. (I own many of these different models, but I still prefer the original, oddly enough.) The originals seem to have petered out for reasons unknown to me.
Is anyone currently producing a reproduction of this venerable design at a modest price like the original? Or has it merely gone the way of the custom?


Hi Compact,
According to the German Boker catalogue, the British company Wilkinson still produces small numbers of the original Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger with the genuine sew-into-the-pants leather sheath. The blade, made of "high-carbon-steel" (no more specific) is blued, and an impressive Royal crest is etched into the surface. The price tag is 565 Deutsche Mark, about 340 US Dollars. (Side note : Boker and Herbertz more
or less dominate the German knife market. With little competition, they ask exorbitant prices for US knifes : AFCK 370 DM or 220 Dollars, MT SOCOM 800 DM or 470 Dollars. So the Wilkinson reproduction may be a lot cheaper in the US). If You are interested in the catalogue picture, just e-mail me and I'll send You a scan.
Take care,
Tobse !

C.A.S.Iberia offers a new damascus version that has been advertised in the various blade mags.Most of the ones seen in the catalogs aren't produced by Wilkinson anymore.I think all they have now are comemrative models and not sure which company makes them either.The older WWII models are hot collectables now depending on markings,handle material,sheath etc etc.

Many of the blades (Farbairn / Sykes) that were used by the Marine Raiders during WWII were made in the Camillus knife factory in NY. I was told by Phill Gibbs at Camillus that several years back they came across an old crate of them. He told me they had cast zinc handles. I doubt that any are still available. I currently live in Jacksonville, NC and several members of the Marine Raider Association live here as well. Those guys are always looking for originals. As far as reproductions … I would suggest you convince the folks at Camillus Cutlery to do a commemorative run of the Marine Raider since the made many of the originals.

I have 2 Sykes Fairburn knives. One isd the original British made, blued steel. The other is a bit of an enigma to me, it has a aluminium or some such handle with brass guard and a chromed blade. It is identical in size to my original but has no markings what so ever. The leather sheath is also identical to the original.

Could anyone help me with an ID of this knife, no-one I have showed it to here knows anything about it.
Thanks in advance.
Scott Evans:

My dad served with the Raiders in WWII, and remember him mentioning the fighting knife we all associate with KABAR, which Camillus and others also made, but not the FS stilletto type knife. If you have any more specific information regarding Marine Raiders and FS knives, it would make that type of knife much more interesting and desireable to me. Thanks.
My guess is that you are referring to the V-42 special forces knife issued around that time frame.
Case is offering a reproduction.
See my other posting this forum for more info.