Fairbairn Sykes Review

Jan 5, 2000
I just received a FS 'British Army Commando Knife' in the mail. The knife has a 7 inch blued carbon steel blade and a 4 5/8 inch metal handle with a metal pommel. Blade thickness is 3/16 and width is 7/8, but it is ground on both sides and tapers to the point. Out of the box, the knife will not shave. I'll have to see if this can be sharpened any. The tip is very thin.
The guard is wide. Fit between the guard and the blade is poor.
The sheath is made out of some very flimsy leather and has a metal tip which helps hold the knife secure by pinching on the knife. The belt loop is held on by 2 small rivets. There are two 2 1/2 inch slots for belt carry. The retaining strap is made of black elastic sewn onto the belt strap. Removing the knife from this strap takes some work and could not be done in a hurry. I suspect the British probably don't use this rubber strap and just rely on the metal tip to keep the knife secure (this elastic strap is probably for parachute use).
The knife does look very agressive, and rolls very easily in the hand.
Are you sure that it was an official F/C Commando Knife? Wilkenson(spelling?) Sword makes the official ones and while I personally do not like the F/S Commando knife, the company makes top quality knives. Another thing to consider is that this knife is a dagger/stilleto. It was designed for stabbing, not cutting. Therefore, the blade's actual design is less suited to cutting and the angle of the edge may not be conduscive to a "razor edge."


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Killerman, it is not a Wilkinson Knife. The knife I have is just a run of the mill issue knife I bought from Brigade Quartermasters.
The guard says "+ (and a picture of a Cross) Rodgers", something that is printed twiceso that it runs over and it is both indistinguishable and stained, and "Sheffield, England".
I had a NIB Wilkinson sword F/S Knife. They are done in a very good blue finish and constructed very well. At the base of the blade on one side, oriented so the tip of the blade is up while being read, is the British Royal coat of arms and the legend "By appointment to her majesty Queen Elisabeth II, Wilkinson Sword, London,England."

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