fairly flawless fish knife

Mar 12, 2006
Id say if your gonna find knives in an antique shop you have a pretty good chance of finding imperials. And if ya find some imperials there is a good chance you may find a "fish" knife. So after the probablly hundreds Ive seen several Ive bought and many I allready own, I came across one that $6 bucks was a very fair price for. Considering its tang stamp its from 1946-1956 I would say the knife was never sharpened or carried maybe a little wear from a box but never any sun light. Almost every one of these shell style knives ive seen the plastic on the outside has shrunk considerably. this one other than the patina looks about 1 year old. Not sharpened not used and looks to have seen little or no pocket time. just thought Id share. My picture taking skills SUCK, so dont judge the knife just judge ME. - Joel

Oct 28, 2006
I like it when the did the fish shield. Nice find. I have one of those and a matching jack knife, but they have that Jackmaster crown.
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