Fake Bento Para 3?

Is this a fake Bento Para 3?

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Nov 28, 2016
Hello everyone,
I am trying to decide whether to buy this knife. The seller contacted me in a private message on reddit Knife_Swap after I called seconds on the same model and lost. I can't tell if it is a good deal or a fake. What do you think?
Seller is asking $140. I'm considering buying anyway because I'd be covered by PayPal.
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Looks fine, other than that gouge out of the spine.
there's a bunch of factory 2nds floating around

edit: to 5x5 (below): could that not also count as a 2nd? not sure, not in the know
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I don't see a "seconds" grind. I see a gouge in the spine about quarter inch from the tip.
Looks legit to me. When I bought a P3 I looked pretty hard to find potential fakes online just to see if they were out there but the P3 doesn't seem to have fallen victim to the bootleggers just yet.
Looks good to me.. Haven't seen any attempts at making bootleg m390s at all yet. Cant tell from those pics if it's a factory second. Would have to see the top side jimping to see if the notch was put in to differentiate it as such.