Fallkniven A1 vs S1 - what's different?

Jul 22, 1999
I was thinking of getting a Fallkniven A1 or S1, but I don't which I want. Could anyone who has one or the other say something about them, and what they have proven useful for?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Paulsen
The difference is the S1 has a convex ground blade and the A1 has a beveled. The S1 is about 5" in the blade and 3/16" thick and the A1 is 6 1/4" and 1/4" thick on my specimen.
Their uses are as hell-for-stout do-all knives. If they are issued to the Swedish military me thinks they might be the real deal. My A1 is one seriously tough customer!

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We have tested both.
The S1 these days is tested by a french Airborn Unit.

The A1 is a really strong knife. Fred Perrin has destroy a car with a black coated A1 last time...

The A1 is my favorite fixed blade carried in my explorer bag. The knife is really compact, and I am surprise how people judge it as a diving knife.

The S1 is really a sexy knife and a quick weapon.
Also IMHO it desserves a Kydex Sheath.
Fred Perrin has used a Blade Rigger harness with kydex sheath to do a demonstration with the S1.

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As has been mentioned, these knives are really designed for different uses.

The A1 is a heavy duty knife, designed for wilderness survival where strength and reliability are paramount. The size and weight allows it to be used to chop and pry for shelter making and other heavy duty jobs.

The S1 is a more general purpose knife. It can withstand the stresses of heavy use but is more manageable where lighter duty, extended use is needed, such as kitchen duty and camp setup. It is not so clear from the specs but there is a very noticeable weight difference between the A1 and the S1.

The S1 is the knife I take while day/weekend camping. I take the A1 along with the F1 or WM1 for extended trips.

Thank you all for your helpful comments. I will probably get both, but start with the A1.

Thank you again!

Jeff Paulsen