Fallkniven & Junglee

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
Look at the handles on the Fallkniven A1 and F1 knives compared to the Junglee "Tactical" series - what's the bet they come from the same factory?

Better yet, look at the new Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife and the Junglee "Tactical Drop Clip" - virtually same knife! (except VG-10 steel vs AUS8, and exposed tang on S1)

Either someone is knocking off someone else's designs (and Junglee is sure good at that!) or it is the same factory (and designer).

Just an observation.

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There are a lot of knives from a lot of companies that turn out to come from this or that "same factory" in Japan. Seki City is full of small "subcontractor" operations.

Cold Steel's Japan-made stainless knives (or at least the Master Hunter and the Trailmaster) show a strong family resemblance to the newer Fallkniven knives. The Fallkniven F1 and A1, however, are Fallkniven's designs (harder Kraton-like handle material and higher-end steel), and Fallkniven's F1 used to come from Linder in Solingen, Germany. Cold steel's Carbon V models, on the other hand, have the same profile, etcetera, as the stainless versions, but are made by an American factory.

Spyderco's Black Micarta Calypsos and Goddards appear to come from whatever factory is now making the Al Mar Ultralights.

United/Rigid's RG80 shows a strong family resemblance in construction details to the Spyderco Wegners.

Moki makes excellent knives for more than one label.

I doubt if Junglee is imitating Fallkniven, since Fallkniven doesn't have a lot of recognition and is fairly new in the American market. Cold Steel and SOG, on the other hand, may see certain similarities.



Daniel, the handles of the Junglee Drop Clips seem to be more bent than the ones found on Fallkniven knives.
I agree that the blade shape the knives are quite similar, except for the fact that the edge on the S1 starts nearer to the handle.
And the blade shape on the S1 and Drop Clip can be found among many brands, such as Randall an SOG.


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Sorry but,

Just try a Fallkniven and you will stop
to stay that kind of things...

Just try it and CRY !

Took a look (on Chai Cutlery) at the A1 and F1. They look pretty functional, and at pretty reasonable prices for good knives.
Nemo, do you have one? If so, could you give us a review, or at least a report on what you like and don't like about it?


I am a proud owner of an F1 and it is a handy tool which has yet never failed during hard use. I have used it to split stubborn birch, with nasty twisted fibres, to firewood in temperatures below -25 degrees celsius (-13F). The F1 stood up to lots of abuse as I had to use quite some force when bending and breaking up the logs to appropriate size. Try this with a P.O.S knife and you will end up with the blade in pieces.
The handle could be a little bigger though.

Nemo - I cry too, tears of joy

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

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