FAQ - Read this first !!! FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

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Feb 28, 2003
FAQ - Read this first !!! FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Becker FAQ

Created: 2010-01-20
Updated: 2010-12-04 (BIG update)

Purpose: This FAQ (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) will
hopefully be the top level to a series of other FAQs providing your
first stop to finding out more about all things Becker, from quickie
pointers to common questions and threads, to detailed information about
the products, specifications, news, resources here and elsewhere, and
much much more...

The actual top level FAQ will be locked and read-only to balance the
signal vs clutter :) However, discussion thread will be used to talk
about it, make suggestions, improvements, corrections, and so forth...

Please take the time to get to know the FAQ and look for the common
stuff before posting questions which are easily found here :)




o Forum Policies - READ THIS !!!

o News - Check out pointers relating to important Becker related information

o Company Production Histories, Times, Dates, Places

o Ethan Becker Bio and pointers

o Becker Meta FAQ - Discussion Thread:


how to subscribe to this thread (since it's locked)

o click on and enter the thread (you're reading this, so good...)
o via the "thread tools" pull down on the upper right, "on" what for me is a yellow line
o click subscribe...
o fill in various details you want
o done

i am going to suggest that folx ALSO subscribe to the *discussion* thread sticky if you want to see actual updates news, because editing the other thread won't send updates, and i won't be adding a lot of actual posts compared to the editing... so you'll miss them. typically, when i'm done with major edits, i *do* update the *discussion* forum as a sort of "log". you can post there too, but it's not for chatting...


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Forum Policies - READ THIS !!!

Much as it pains everyone, there's a need to make some reasonable suggestions on forum etiquette, style, usage, customs, behaviors...

Hopefully, you started your experience with lots of reading of the FAQ first and probably a lot of the top and new posts here :)

Make a post, introduce yourself, tell us what you do with your Beckers (or want to do), take pictures and post them! Let us get to know you, as you've gotten to know us. We're a pretty open book and friendly crowd here (or else! ;})...

If the FAQ doesn't immediately answer certain questions for you, you're definitely encouraged to dive into the existing posts and have a look around. The Becker forum is relatively new still, so this is still
quite doable - roughly 20 pages of headers, many of which will give you an idea of what you're looking for...

If you still haven't found a rough approximation of what you want, try searching the forums with google! entering something like:

site:bladeforums.com question-search-text-here

This will tell Google to only look for answers on Bladeforums! Excellent!

Of course, the wold is not perfect, and that doesn't always work, so your next bet is to use the built in forum search... Naturally, that's
only for members that have upgraded their forum experience (highly recommended) and you'll want to "go Gold" anyway if you plan on selling knives, and doing some other things on the board.

While they say there's no such thing as a stupid question, there are REALLY common ones, and hopefully this FAQ will address those points (sooner or later, we're only human)...

Please, DO NOT just dive in as a new forum member and start asking questions with really obvious answers that a little poking around can
find the answers to, or that have been asked over and over and over before (and over and over and over)... spend 15 minutes, use google, or well, but don't be surprised at the results *welcome* !!!

BUMPING! Yeah, well, this isn't a sales area... and threads live or die by content, so, add useful content! Talk, discuss... Sure, a very old thread can and sometimes should be resurrected, but don't willfully "stick" a topic near the top with content free "bumps" or "let's bring this back up" - add something!

For the love of the GHODS too, don't encourage the "bump" with a "double bump" or a "sloppy second bump". Really. It's just common sense and good netiquette, and it would be a crying shame if a thread got locked, or <ahem> moved or something awful (cough) *grin smile smyrke*


Some related families of questions that get asked more and more, which one could expect from a very popular line of knives :)

Q: Can I talk about pokemon?

A: Frakk no. Knock it off. Now ;)

Q: Pricing/value questions, especially for speculative sellers, ESPECIALLY if you are not "GOLD" or higher - Bladeforums requires GOLD to sell... The gods get VERY cranky about this. This is covered under the "for the love of ghod, do not ask this question"

A: DO NOT DO THIS? clear? penalty: you must send Bladite the item or else ;)

Q: Which Becker is best?

A: They all are. It depends on your intended usage, needs, etc. We can't really judge that, and there are a lot of posts that can help guide you towards a decision. Now, if you ask a question such as "I'd
like to know how well the BK-09 batons through oak" - that's a good question, and we talk about that a lot - so read

Q: BK vs BK?

A: More than bit along the lines of "Which Becker is Best"... It's been done and we made t-shirts even "Is the BK2 better than the BK7"... check the old threads. Search! It's worth it. Probably every model has been compared a bit by now. Continue those threads. It makes my head ache to try and think about finding all these guys and looping them together (not going to happen - la la la I can't hear you!)...

Same thought: Camillus vs KaBar (vs Blackjack vs Cincinnati)... They are all great knives. Some are old. Some are current. KaBar is the current maker, and as such, the one you're going to get a warranty from. Consider the older ones good values when you find one (but without warranty per se, unless Ethan is feeling generous, and you have a GREAT story, or fought one on one with Godzilla, *and* won...) :> yeah.

Q: Which Becker should I buy first?

A: Well, the standard answer (in good fun) is"all of them", but again, it's like "which is best"... how much do you want to spend? What's the application? That kind of thing. The knife descriptions will help
guide you towards a decision, then you could ask more specific questions...

Q: Which vendor has the best prices?

A: Now that's a tricky one... "Let Me Google That For You" :) but seriously, some of the best prices can be found by the vendors that support Becker and KaBar *and* THEY POST HERE a lot as well. Asking who is best is a sure way to step on toes, but everyone has their favorites... Read up, and read between the lines. Finding the best price isn't necessaryly the best way to go about it... Have a good relationship with your vendor is worth it too. That takes time and judgement that's hard to provide.

Q: What is my new/old Becker worth for sale?

A: Well, you better be "GOLD" if you're selling (THEY hate that if you're not because they think you're trying to make a quick buck and bypass THEIR rules)...

Worth is tricky. Does the model still exist in KaBar's lineup production? Was is a more popular model? Is it very old, minty fresh, signed by Ethan, etc? What kind of prices can you find on ePray and the
exchange for similar items? Do some research! Just asking us is a sure way to get a lower price so we can buy it (we're not at all self interested).

Q: Price, Deal and Sale Spotting...

A: No real hard fast rules here... but generally, the FORUM MASTERS frown on direct links to ePray posts, and other "deals", especially those that might suspiciously be YOUR for-sale... Again, not being
"GOLD" (or better) and a deal spoter? our MASTERS get cranky. Read the top level forum rules on this stuff... As well, asking for where to find the BEST price isn't exactly the way to go about it either.

Overtly advertising here as well is going to get your smited by the OLD ONES, even potentially too over the line "we make this stuff, here's our contact info"... yeah, that might fly sometimes, but not always, so don't risk it. conduct normal advertising and sales to the proper areas for gold, knifemakers, dealers, ... be subtle. don't wake the dragons and old ghods.


Additional clarifications from: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=777705

Becker Sales/Links, Values, Trades, Vending, Spamming...

Hey Beckerphiles...

Just an additional reminder for now, as a sticky, to be revised, and put into the FAQ later... but putting it RIGHT OUT THERE and up top.

Just a little reminder from mod guy... Other than eat your wheaties and READ the Becker FAQ (esp if you're new) that is... ESPECIALLY this part:
http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/sh...91&postcount=2 which is covered in more detail below...

Read the main forum rules too!
read them again!

Bladeforums doesn't tolerate out of band sales, even if you're gold or better in membership... I know we're usually cool here about that, but sometimes it's a little close, and HAS crossed the line. The SOOPER mods notice it faster than I do somehow, they have eyes in the back of their keyboards or something. So don't do it!

Links - BF forbids deal spotting and link posting. If you found a deal, you can (iirc) convey that information in words... just don't provide the link. It's a sales advert and as above, BF doesn't tolerate it.

Values... Per the FAQ, don't ask the value of your stuff. There's other places to figure that out (like ePray). Sure, show off your cool old rare stuff, but don't drop implications that it's also for sale unless you're gold or above *and* have a sales thead elsewhere (and don't link to it). Even that might be officially pushing it.

Same for trades... There's a sub-forum for that. Trust me, the search engine works just fine, people will find you.

Vending... We have lots of valued vendors here... You want to show off your wares... Just be really careful on that line and advertising for sales/etc. This goes double for the Beckheads... Ask not PUBLICLY for information which will cause trouble, send email/PM.

Spamming? Well, guess what! NO! Great way to get banned super fast.

(Sooper mods, any corrections or additions, let me know, this will go into the updated FAQ)...



Enjoy your visit, stay awhile, sharpen some knives!

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o MAP - we have a Beckerhead Map, so where all the Becker stashes are:
link to map post: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=794301
link to the map: http://goo.gl/ZZrTE

o We have a Beckerhead Registered Member/Pack list now... Beckerheads, let's roll, get your stats up to measure, read the rules, go...
link to the original post: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=792055


(not that anyone actually reads this stuff)

o Major Shot Show 2012 Links:

o 2012 New Becker Official"
BK4 Becker Machax 2/1/12 $135.67 MSRP
BK14HNDL Becker Black and Orange Handle Scales for BK14 2/1/12 $16.37 MSRP
BK15 Becker Short Trailing Point 4/1/12 $107.49 MSRP
BK16 Becker Short Drop Point 4/1/12 $107.49 MSRP
BK17 Becker Short Clip Point 4/1/12 $107.49 MSRP

o BK-10 Special Release News:

o Where's Ethan?


o Gathering:


o Machax News


o More tweener information than what is in the Blade Show 2011 threads:





http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/857826-Mini-magnum-tweener - lots of pictures

http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/856944-blade-show-2011-official-report-by-bladite - even more pictures of stuff


o Brute and Patrol Machete news


o Johnson Adventure Blades JAB Pottbelly and Bacon Makers:


o "BK12" - Ritter RSK MK2


o Blade Show 2011 Happened! WOOOOOOO - Let's put Blade related posts here:

My overall report of the show:


Video interview of Ethan by Equipped to Survive:


Moose chimes!




o Zombie knives!





o News on Ron Hood



o Magnum Camp Passround (was Thread Signup) - KaBar very kindly lent us a Magnum Camp to use hard and test and post about :)

o We're getting some new mods here: welcome to Mooze45 and DawsonBob

o Hot photos from the Secret Becker Labs:

o Blade Show 2010 (May) - *???* got me, will have to find and add some!

o A Note from Arizona - Kniferights 2010-02-08

o News from SHOT Show 2010 (January)

oo OFF to the SHOT Show.... 2010-01-13

o Ethan's Trip to KaBar Olean/NY Last Week 2010-01-12

o News from Blade Show 2009 (May)

oo Photos - Becker at Blade 2009

Any news and Pix

o News from Shot Show 2009 (January)

oo Any news from SHOT??


o Upcoming models and products

o The BK-14 Eskabar has a release date of late Fall 2010... depending on rumors
anywhere between September and November at the earliest, but "officially" a bit later
than that. Big news! THE necker collaboration with Becker and Rat; BK-11 Blade, Rat-Izula ring handle - sweet!
(released! see Eskabar section below)

o The BK-05 new Magnum Camp should be introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show... wait for it.
(released! see Magnum Camp section below)

o BK-04 - MachAx
The BK04 Machax has been suggested for release at the 2012 SHOT Show. Check out the prototype pictures we have at least.

o BK-02 - Campanion 2nd gen (released

oo BK-10 Combat Utility
yes, KaBar will be reviving this model at some point... don't ask when... no, really could be 2010, could be 2011... 2012...

oo BK-13 - Remora 2nd Gen - Made in America!


oo BK-?? -

oo Various smaller knives... "tweeners"

yup, there will be some shorties coming... see the Oleans thread for some pictures. Don't know

oo Pictures, collections, and other information about the dedicated...

Dads display look great!!!!

Photos - Becker Roll Call - All Models Known to Beckerkind

Pictures and History... Lots of literature! Go read it!

Photos - Pictures and History... Part 2 Lots of literature! Go read it!

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Updated: 2010-11-08

Becker Forum Passaround Rules

o Bladeforums.com is not responsible for anything pertaining to this passaround. Nobody is liable either. Your own risk. That's it.

o Special notes for this passaround… Since we don't have a Beckerhead mechanism in place yet (numbers/names) and this IS intended to be a special Becker Forum event, there are some exclusionary qualifications. You must have posted to the Becker Forum on or prior to 2010-10-31, own a Becker knife, and have at least 50 posts. There it is.

o By signing up or by participating in any way with this passaround you agree that you have read and will meet and abide by all of the stated rules, terms, and conditions. Period. Rules lawyering and quibbling about loopholes won't be tolerated and will be handled simply: final decisions, up to and including any arbitrary decisions by the moderator are binding and final. Do ask questions if something is not clear though.

o If I violate any of these rules, I will be banned (Beckerhead membership at a minimum) and not allowed to participate in any more passarounds. I also understand that my name, address, and contact information will be posted as a warning to prevent others from being scammed.

o Please remember that the moderator has the right to refuse a member's participation in this passaround for any reason.

o When you receive the passaround object, and when you ship it, you will post in the appropriate thread as soon as possible so that we can keep track of it.

o When signing up for the passaround list, you will also send your complete contact information to the moderator via EMAIL to the moderator (try to not use PM if possible - EMAIL ONLY). This information will include: BF Name:, Email Address:, Legal Name (First and Last):, Street Address:, Phone Numbers:. This information will be made into a master list which will be INCLUDED with the passaround object during shipping. Obviously, you ship to the next address on the list after crossing out your name. The moderator's shipping address will be included first if there are issues.

o You may keep the passaround object for up to one (1) week (unless otherwise authorized), you can always send it along earlier of course, and YOU MUST PERSONALLY** send/mail it to the next participant on the passaround list. If there's any kind of emergency or unavoidable delay, you must inform us immediately. Do not go silent running on us! You have people after you waiting for their turn.
**[This is your responsibility, please do not rely on anyone else to mail it for you.]

o Shipping: You will ship the passaround object appropriately and within the designated timeframe and agree to replace it if lost. In more detail: USPS Priority, Insured, Tracking, Confirmation. This is for your protection - if the passaround object is lost, you MUST replace it with like item - that's why the insurance. If you cannot send USPS Priority, you will arrange in advance, another acceptable method. If you cannot receive the package in a timely fashion, don't sign up. You will email the tracking information to the moderator upon shipping. Postage is to be paid by the participants; this is the price of participating in this passaround. The return address on the package should be made out to the moderator's shipping address in case of delivery issues, it will be returned to the moderator.

o You understand that you are not exchanging money for any goods, services, or other consideration.

o It is your responsibility to ensure that the passaround object is used, carried and/or possessed in a safe and lawful manner from the time that it is delivered to you or your address until you mail it to the next participant. Don't lend it out, give it away or sub-contract your testing.

o You must reside in the continental USA. This means that the passaround object must always stay within the borders of the CONUSA. The passaround object must be mailed to a USA street address.

o I am over 18 years of age, and the passaround object involved in the passaround is legal to possess and carry in my jurisdiction.

o In the case of a knife, if you're comfortable with your sharpening skills, you may go ahead and sharpen the knife, just touch the edge up enough so that it's at a usable sharpness. Do no modify the knife or radically change, modify, replace, or exchange anything about it unless authorized.

o Pictures. We want pictures. Usage. Video if possible even. Tell us what you've done with your time with the passaround object. Post a review about it. If your review is extensive enough, start a new thread IN the Becker Forum and post the link to it in the passaround thread itself. This is largely for the benefit of the Becker Forum, so please don't post your review elsewhere.

o Be excellent to each other.

(rules based on the ESEE passaround rules which appears to work well, thanks guys)

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so, a couple decades ago, zzyzzogeton, asked "is that allowed"?

"hell yes"

what was meant by that?

your continued use of the forums, basically says that, Bladite can just ban you. ESP if you break rules that allows the banning.

so there.

oh, and if you go past 1000 posts on the Snark thread?

yeah, that. you knew better. you did it anyway. don't post until the NEXT April.

you are banished.

esp zzyzzogeton, well, or name with vowels or consonants or numerals like 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 and even 9! ESP 9.

beeeeeeeee gone :D
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