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Jan 1, 2006
i posted this on USN too since I never did an intro :) :(

Good Morning gents...

Almost a year ago (Feb) I hosted a watch gathering in San Francisco w/ members from many watch sites (MWR,SCTF,Poor Mans, EOT, TZ) and was fortunate to meet one of your members (Longshot) who told me about this place and to check it out... WOW

To say the least I was overwhelmed! All my loves- GUNZ, KNIVEZ, WATCHEZ... Lions & Tigers & Bears !!! OH MY!!!

Was right in the middle of a career shift and wasnt posting much except for the watch stuff.. but I lurked and looked.. Had a pretty good computer crash somewhere in there and lost all my bookmarks..

Vacations are a wonderful and this is the first one I've taken in a looong time. BAM- I find this "place" again..

I'm a Vice-Principal for 6 court & community schools (think next last step: Juvenille Hall, group homes, YA, etc..) so I deal with the best behaved lil angels on earth here in gang central california.. I am fortunate to have 6 campuses and some great staff, many of whom are Probation Officers, Reg. PD, and jail staff.

Been heavy into guns for 30 years or so, shot a bit on my base team before heading out to Desert Storm in Aug of 90. Call that lil episode my MIDEAST VACATION. Made SSGT (USAF) and got out in '91. Worked for E& J Gallo Wine for a couple of years before going into teaching.. Still rethinking that move, but its been 10 years and the liberals havent pinned me down yet- so its cool.

Other interestsis that I really love hot-rodz. Currently own 3 cars- a 54 Chevy, a 57 Nash, and 23 FrankenFord T-bucket Im building on.. Been trading watches online for about 2.5 years and have traded with many folks here..

Now the knives.. WOW- this place is like ADD hell- way too much eye candy for me to keep track of and lust for. I am weak.. This week alone I nabbed a Weehawk from Anso, a tanto from Zero , and Tac-11 from a member.. GEEZ!!!

I look forward to getting to know some of yah-
May 7, 2005
Welcome to BF!! It sounds like you are going to have a ball here!!