fastest non-auto folder Camillus Lev-R-Lok?

Feb 15, 1999
I have a few large folders'about 25".I just ordered a Camillus Lev-R-Lok tato blade.Is this a fast manual blade?Hows about design,quality,etc?
I've fooled around with these a few times and seem gimicky IMHO. I don't think you can beat a thumb stud or disc for speed. The gimicky types you have to have finger placement just so etc etc.If I were to seriousley look at a mechaniclly manual folder I would give the CUDA some thought.As usual my ramblings on this.
The human hand, and its' function is so variable that predicting ergonomics is fraught with danger. When my older children were outfitted with knives, I had a box full, and let them go through them, and check for ergonomics and ease of use.

What may fit one hand will probably not fit another.

I feel thumb stud knives, with the proper ergonomics for my hand, are as fast, if not faster than an automatic. Walt
The fastest folder is an easy question.The Kershaw/Onion Task .A Camillus lever lock is just another knife opening gimmick.The Task is every bit as fast as any auto I own.