Fastest opening folder?

Jun 15, 1999
What are some of the fastest opening folders? I saw one the other day someone was talking about, how a spring helps shoot it open after you open it up a bit, but I missed what the name of it was. Anyone know what kind of knives these are, and who carries them, not too farmiliar with them...
I believe you may have in mind the Kershaw Ken Onion design Random Task and Mini Task.There may be a couple of other, newer ones in the line by now.Should be available from any Kershaw dealer. See at their Website.

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I had a talk with Gene Osborn earlier today about automatics, and although he makes an automatic with an adjustable spring, he thinks his conventional folders open and close as fast, or faster than any automatics.

He intends to send me three samples for a review: one left-handed auto and two conventional folders.
I guess I'll find out for myself.

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The Ken Onion Kershaw series includes (all of the below mentioned knives come with a plain edge or partially serrated.)

the Random Task,
Mini Task,
Black Out,

IMHO, The Kershaw Ken Onion series are not only the fastest folders ever, but also the easiest to operate, you dont have to flck your wrist, or any other unnessesary movement to open these knives as quick and as smooth as an automatic.


Louis Buccellato

How can you get any faster than the Emerson Commander? It's out as soon as it leaves your pocket.
Kershaw Random task sounds real farmiliar, might of been that one. Is th blade to that knife shaped kinda like an long razor from the 1800's? If so, that's the one...
A pic of the Random Task.



Louis Buccellato
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