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Fate Rears Its Ugly Head ........

Oct 15, 2000
Yesterday, Mark W Douglas posted a thread about having one of his knives stolen ..... well, I posted a reply that, for all intents and purposes, condemned ALL theives big and small.

Well, Fate decided to play a funny little trick on the ol' Metal-Demon, because I had my UC Colt AR-15-K folder stolen today.

I know, I know .... some of you will think that it's probably for the best, since the knife wasn't all that spectacular, but I'm a sentimental old fool at heart ...... and it was my FIRST KNIFE dammit!

I set it down for a moment after opening a box, so that I could help a customer and BANG! It was gone. The ironic thing was that I wasn't even supposed to be there today!! (It's a part-time job at a record store, in addition to my regular day job) I just stopped in to say Hi to my friends and decided to help out since I was gonna be there for awhile.

Me and my big mouth .....

"A Szívemben A Vas Es Az Acél Orök Ereje Van."

Crushing the weak since 1970 .... the Demon has spoken.
Sorry to hear of your loss!!!

Thiefs (Scumbags) are everywhere!!

Well, I guess that you know what you have to do now, don't you?

That's right Demon, it's knife shopping time.

--The Raptor--
You bet it is .......

"A Szívemben A Vas Es Az Acél Orök Ereje Van."

Crushing the weak since 1970 .... the Demon has spoken.
May I suggest that you now look further into the CS Scimitar.
I have a funny feeling that this knife would suit your personality.
It's a wild looking/feeling knife. Very intimidating when open. The satin finish can be polished up nicely with just a swipe of a Tuf-Cloth and then a soft clean rag.
And the sound this puppy makes on lock-up is exceptional.
Loud whack!!!! Music to my ears!!!!!

I purchased one several months ago (I can't actually remember when...tiredness setting in!!) and I have carried/used it every day. She is still very sharp. *Note - This knife comes sharp as hell out of the box!!!!!

My only gripe would be a slight side to side play between blade and handle. I posted about this and it appears that this is not the "norm" for CS. Others here at BF haven't run into this problem with their CS folders.

I guess that I should have posted on your other post but it just seemed to be the right time for you to think about your next purchase.

Good Luck!!!

--The Raptor--
MD- Sorry to hear about your loss, have to get a new knife now so when you catch the phuquer you can gut him

But take a look at the CS Scimitar, wicked blade indeed.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
"I have often laughed at the weaklings who call themselves kind because they have no claws"

- Zarathustra
I think you would enjoy a balisong, the BM 42 is the best out there. You might want to get a cheap one before you really dive into the wonderful world of balisongs


"Look deep, deep inside and you will find a place of anger, vengeance, and brutality. Go there. It is your last hope to conquer the truly wicked."

A few of my balisongs
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Of all the deviates, that being druggies, wife-beaters and liberal Democrats, I think thieves are the lowest. At least the other scum does it to your face. What disturbs me here is that, to us, this was not the loss of some nondescript item, but a personal and very treasured possession. The thief probably wouldn't have cared, even if he knew. My dad used to tell me that during the 1950's, you could leave valuable possessions out in the open in Las Vegas; the Mafia had a real knack of dealing with thieves who discouraged tourists. It is my hope that some one who loves you buys you the very best knife they can afford so the beloved object will seem replaced.--OKG
So sorry, MD. Sentimental value adds so much to a knife like this. Remember this in the says ahead- Microtech Rulez!
Tis sad for you MD to 'lose' such a personal item as your carry blade...but really sorrowful for the one who stole it. You can most likely replace your blade with another...an even finer one perhaps if you should so wish. They on the otherhand have traded their honor and any dignity they might have had for a pittance. It makes me wonder some since this kind of thing is common...there are bunches of folks out there that have no respect for others...nor respect for themselves. In the end all we really have is our honor. Good folks are still a clear majority ....at least in my neck of the woods. Now get out there and get yourself another blade that'll make your heart go pitter patter.
Just don't tempt fate again...never lay it down...never let another use it out of your sight....carry it close...always...for me it's iwb 'always'...I'm not dressed without it.

Integrity is doing what's right when nobody's looking.
It does not matter if it was "that great of a knife" or not. The fact is, some scumbag stole a personal posession of yours. May the same happen to him someday. Now, about that Spydie Native I told you about.....

Thanks for the encouraging words everyone ..... I still feel as though it's partly my fault for not having control of the blade, and keeping it on my person whenI wasn't using it. I guess I just wasn't thinking when I set it down.

Now, as far as buying a new knife goes, I'm giving it a considerable amount of thought .... but once again, I thank-you for all your advice in helping me decide!

"A Szívemben A Vas Es Az Acél Orök Ereje Van."

Crushing the weak since 1970 .... the Demon has spoken.