Faulty Lockback On Spydie Native?

Nov 20, 2000
After doing my homework here on the forums and elsewhere, I purchased a Spyderco Native (FRN 440V)to use as a work/daily carry knife. After some hard use (about a week) I notice that if I push the edge into something dense, like a tree branch, the blade will "give" backwards causing the lockback bar to pop out of the handle slightly. It's nothing that seems dangerous, or like the knife will fail, but I was wondering if any of you other Native owners have seen this problem. Should I shut up and enjoy the knife, or send it back to Spyderco?
I know exactly what you are talking about. I have an old style Spyderco Delica that does the same thing. I'm interested in hearing what Sal Glesser says about it. You should post this in the Spyderco Forum.

Almost ALL Zytel Spyderco lockbacks do this. My first-gen Delica and Endura were particularly bad, and even my brand new Endura does it a little. I handled a Native in a store and it's lockup was so bad that I bought the Endura instead since they only had the one Native. Oh well... Zytel blows anyway.
Has the lock ever slipped? The locks on my zytel Spydies does this too, but it has never been a problem.



Trust no one...
That seems to happen frequently with lockbacks that are under $100 or so, especially Zytel ones. I'd just test the lock strength to make sure it's adequate.
Thats funny guys my Goddard Lightweight does the same thing. though it does not affect the knife, it bugs the heck out of me.

Is this really a problem for "all" zytel/frn knives or just our luck. Also can anyone think of a way to remedy the problem short of sending the knife in.