Favorite filet knife

Aug 24, 1999
Some of us grab them at Wal-Mart and toss them in the tackle box. Others wait two years for something from Randall. How about you? What do you do for a filet knife?

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Forschner 9" flex blade. Not the flashiest or most expensive, but does a good job and has a tough Fibrox handle that does well around the salt water and fish guts.
The best I have are the Kershaws. They once had salt water models that floated but now have non-floaters.

They would clean more panfish than my rapalas, and normarks.

I also love my condor fillet knife, but I put it away when they were no longer available.

The cold steel fillet knives are good also, but a little stiff.

Thomas Zinn

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I make the first cut (the one through the ribs) with an electric knife. I know that is probably a horrible thing to admit at this this forum, but it sure works good. I don't cut the fillet clear off the fish, and fold the fillet over while it is barley attached to the tail. Then I take a Rapala, and seperate the fellit from the skin. A cheapie like the Wal-Mart Rapala stays sharp for many fillets when you don't use it to cut ribs with. If I wind up only cleaning a few fish and don't want to mess with hooking up the electric up to a batterie, I use a 8 inch butcher knife I bought used at a gun show for a dollar, to cut the ribs. It won't cut more than five or so fish before needing sharpened, but if I have more than that it is worth getting out the electric.


I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
Having just filleted 23 raninbow and brook trout (smallest 16 in, largest 22 in) yesterday, I must say than my coldsteel filet knife in carbon 5 still shaved after 46 fillets weresitting in the cooler. Sure beats my normark and uncle henry models. Just have to dry off the sucker. Now if only the smell would go away. Just can't beat those private clubs.
Do the Cold Steel filet knives rust easily?

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
Original Rapala with wooden handle,medium size.

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Outdoor Edge Fish Skinner II or my Buck folding filet knife.



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Has anyone tried a Spyderco Catcherman? They suck as a filet knife but are great for everything else.
Just wondering--does anyone actually use the Randall (I think it's the #10) Saltwater Fisherman? It's apparrently the most affordable model, and I've been tempted on e-bay more than once. My thought was that it looked like a perfect little small game skinner!
About the rusting of the CS filet knife, it is powder coated and filleting has not yet put any scratches through the black stuff yet. I used the carbon 5 knife all summer and no rusting at all. Of course you must dry it completely after each use.
I use an old style Rapala with wooden handle (25+ yrs old) - small size. For the larger saltwater fish I use an old Henckle's (not sure if they are still made) which I have had for over 20 yrs. Both can be touched up quick and ready to go.

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I had a schrade a friend of mine lost in Canada last year. It was quite effective. Min-Flex, I think it was called. Had a big green rubberish handle that was very secure even with wet, slimy hands.

If you are ever near the Winnipeg River and find such a knife, give me a call...


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Of course I use and am proud of the fillet knives I make. (Shameless plug) they can be viewed at www.customcutlery.com. If you're interested let me know the handle material you'd like.

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I grew up in a fishing family, we always had boats and headed out into the Pacific (too far out in too small a boat generally

And we *never* fileted fish. Too wasteful. We'd decapitate 'em, gut 'em and steak 'em, usually...much easier to sort out where the bones were during dinner, you wouldn't get any horrible surprises.

My dad was never a cutlery fanatic, we'd use just about anything until I got old enough to pick my own...and then I'd usually end up using whatever combat folder I had on me

Jim March