Favorite handle material/color with Satin?

Oct 22, 2005
Thinking about the Urban Grudge LE and a handle. Black Micarta is my go-to, Maroon and Green Micarta look good but haven't seen them 'in person', and Red/Black G10 is also a contender. Help me out here -- your favorite?
black paper Mic. always says, "Class" to me-- like a black tuxedo...too bad it's not available
black paper Mic. always says, "Class" to me-- like a black tuxedo...too bad it's not available
X100. I wish they'd bring it back. Definitely would've pulled the trigger on the ASH Ergo if it was. Another color that looks really classy is white paper. To bad this isn't an option. Love that ivory look.

Right now if I had to choose I think it would be red and black g10.
Any of the Busse offerings will look good with Satin-get the color you like and never look back! On a knife the size of Urban grudge the handle material will not matter (Tiger Hide Linen or Canvas and Black Paper is not available)-On a larger knife that is going to used for extensive chopping Canvas in my opinion is the best-Black Canvas-Good Luck
I picked three since I couldn't decide! Black canvas, black & tan G10, and blue & black G10. I am hoping the handles are chunky as they appear in the photos with respect to the latest grudge offerings..
Black paper is awesome - wish I could have gotten that on my WTF -

However - I have gone with green/black G10 on the WTF and a couple others, including the Battle Saw that is waiting for me at home according to the UPS notification.

That was from the standby list, by the way....


Black canvas and satin for the win!!

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For the options listed, green/black orange/black black/tan g10
I like black & tan G-10, just like the pic on the site. I think Jerry might too;) looking at the website 12 of the last 40 offerings (I think when op 2wks started) have it, 30%. Maybe not, just my own observation.
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From a user perspective, black canvas...

From a looks perspective tan and black G-10....

Both criteria together and I pick Black Paper Micarta assuming aggressive texturing and shaping to the handle.
To me it's the difference between form and function. Black a green g10 will look great but black micarta will look great and feel/perform better.