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Favorite knife you don't use

Jan 25, 2001
Not talking so much about collectibles, but I've noticed a couple...

I've got a Blue D/A tanto, says "Police - to Protect and Serve". It's supposed to be a "new" Colt M-16, but you couldn't prove it by me. Seems to be well-made, but I don't trust the little "kicker" spring to hold up to EDC. Too cool to part with though.

Same sort of deal with my Timberline Discovery Lock. VERY cool "snap" when I open it. Love to play with it, but it rides kinda high in my pocket and I can't sharpen the tanto tip, so it mostly sits.

I _love_ my Kershaw boa. I'd love it even more if the thumb ramp didn't saw through my jean pockets! Had to retire it after the second pair. I still like to take it out and play with it. I've removed the pocket clip and carried it some, but it's the wrong size to flop around inside my pockets.

How about you?

GT Mini. Well built CA legal auto, but now I live in VA.

Spyderco Almite Walker. Clip's just not positioned well for carry in sweats.
It's one that I hope I never to have to use...My Camillus Cuda CQB-1 "fighter". (I sure like how it feels in my hand, and the balance is EXCELLENT!).:).
Spyderco Viele, a gift from my kids. Too nice to be a daily user so it only sees daylight on the rare occasions when I'm in a suit.

1> Scorpion II, cool design, but double grind

2> my 5" skinner(folder)... nothing big enough to use it for up here...
Originally posted by Michael_Aos
I _love_ my Kershaw boa. I'd love it even more if the thumb ramp didn't saw through my jean pockets!

Have you considered getting a sheath for your Boa? I have a Mike Sastre concealex sheath for mine that works beautifully. Faster draw than from the pocket too.

--Bob Q
My favorite that I don't use would have to be my Spyderco Native in 440V and blue G-10. I love the Native, but I always end up carrying slightly larger blades. <sigh>

--Bob Q
I can't imagine owning a knife I don't use. Probably why I don't buy the real purty ones, I just couldn't resist using them...
My SAK. Don't carry it anymore since I got my Gerber MultiTool a few years ago. I find the design of SAK to be so classic...plus it reminds me of McGyver and is nostalgic.
My Victorinox SAK Spartan with 100th anniversary blade etch and tin. I bought it a couple of years ago as a "collectible", which I wouldn't use anyway, unless every other SAK I have just disappeared overnight. :eek:

Matt in Texas
easy Q - my BM AFCK - w/my crawford kasper and SIFU, and now my gunting its a big fav of mine, just got so many pockets though - take away my KFF,Sifu, and MAYBE gunting and my AFCK is my fav knife - and i still think that www.newgraham.com deal on retired BM AFCK's is the bomb for sure imho, a bud just got a AFCK w/black M2 blade for $85 a helluva lot of knife for that kinda $$ imho - and just the std AFCK w/silver combo edge is like $60, what a deal!!!!!!i would think better than any CRKT in that price range.....or anything else for that matter ....

My Spyderco Micarta Calypso Jr.
It's beautiful, extremely sharp, and a wonderful knife...BUT...
It just does'nt feel very comfortable for me to use. The handle is alittle too small.
And while I love the micarta, it's rather slippery.
My Serrated G10 Civilian: so perfectly evil I don't want to put that first scratch on it! Hey SIFU1A, I agree with you on the AFCK, but I just ordered a lg. CRKT Apache from Smokey Mtn. for $31, shipping inc., and that's a $90 knife.
That would be my partially serrated Benchmade AFCK which WAS my daily carry until I got my BM 710. Now it just sits in the back of my drawer gathering dust. I keep thinking about selling or trading it, but can't bring myself to do so. I sure hope they don't come up with anything to make me feel the same way about my 710.... :)
My 2 Emerson Commanders with Greet-T, one with Black G-10 the other with Green G-10. Consecutive serial numbers. I may just have to sell them and buy some "users".

Cameron :)
I'll carry my Fallkniven F1 at work and walking back from work at night. It's a lovely knife, but whenever I need to cut something the LCC jumps into my hand.
The Fallkniven is there as a self defense tool and if I ever need a sharp prybar.
I'd use it for camping/hiking but I haven't been in a while.

I also have two Gerber SLG's.
They're nice, but when I need a knife that size I usually pick up a mini SOCOM.
Bummer - my BM 550 Griptilian is such a neat knife, but the thickness of the handle makes me feel like I am carrying a small candy bar clipped to my pocket. I really like the knife, but will probably trade/sell/or give away.
Blackjack Mamba 7; love the knife but the sheath is so bad that I never take it along with me. I just take something else. Time to fix this one, thanks.
Originally posted by ElectricZombie
I find the design of SAK to be so classic...plus it reminds me of McGyver and is nostalgic.

And when they did a McGyver movie a few years back they updated his SAK to a SOG PowerPlier. :)

--Bob Q
My favorite knife that I dont' use would have to be my Spyderco Police model in Black Ti. It just looks to good to carry around in my pocket to be scratched up by keys and change. In fact I just cut myself playing with it right now..ouch. Sharper than I thought.

The other knife I dont use is my Buck Special. I never have time to go deer hunting anymore, and it just looks too pretty to mess up anyway.