Favorite lightweight small folder < $100

Jun 22, 1999
I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm about ready to binge again and buy another folder (hey I've got to celebrate the baby rush somehow).

I'm looking for a lightweight utility folder in the sub 3" blade class, plainedged ... something for under $100. No tantos.

I already have the Spyderco Delica, the BM 705S, the CRKT Commander/Ace. I guess I'm looking for something like the 705, but with the weight of the Delica. The latter two are a bit on the heavy side for my purpose.

I know there's lots of knives out there that fall in this category and I'm not really asking for an exhaustive listing... I was just wondering if members here had personal favorites to recommend before I hit the shops. Thanks.

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Try the Spydie Native. If you want to go just at $100 plus shipping of $5, then contact Spark or Mike about the BF Blue Native, if there are any left. It is one beautiful tool! And it is well worth the price, G10 scales and 440V blade.

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Sounds like you just described the Tim Wegner Jr. to me.
Great knife too !

You might also consider the blue or red anodized aluminum Klotzlis. Their blade is slightly longer than 3", but they are 440c and polished. Great durability and a very handy knife.
I use mine camping and outdoors alot and have never had problems with rust or stains.
Discount knives has them for less than $80.

Have fun shopping !

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I like the Spyderco Jess Horn Lightweight. There was one made with micarta handles, really nice, but it only came with a serrated edge. You can get the plain edge or combo with zytel handles.

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Hmmmm.....no one had mentioned the sleek Calpyso Jr. - sweet little knife. Now if they just made a LEFT-HANDED version, or had an ambidexterous clip
Something like a Case peanut or small copperlock, or any of the similar Kissing Crane, Boker, and a lot more good slip joint makers come to mind to an old fashioned human like me.

Desert Rat

If you're not a lefty (we all can't be perfect), Kershaw's Wild-Wild Turkey is a nice piece:

Titanium or G-10 handles with a razor sharp ATS-34 blade. I haven't priced them in a while, but I think Top of Texas has them pretty cheap.
That Micarta Calypso Jr. is a real sweetheart, definitely give it a look. For a simple, lightweight folder you might look at the Spyderco Pro-Grip. It has nifty Kraton inserts in the Zytel and an excellent blade shape for doing nearly anything while remaining "people-friendly." It can be had under $50! Or, for a very similar blade shape that's a bit more upscale, check out the Wegner Jr. Still under $100 and fairly light, but with a "high-tech" build.

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I agree with Bill McWilliams. The Klotzi-Walker is a great knife. I bought two red-handled aluminum versions from Brian at discount knives I liked it so much. Longden, he doesn't advertise such specials on the web...you will need to call him. I just got my second one today and it was less than $80.

I will second Bill Boyd's vote also. A Walker lightweight is my daily carry. Very useful at about $35 to $40.

Jeff Jenness
hi- i'm new to this group also, so forgive my ignorance of all things sharp, but how about a kershaw mini-task, with the ken onion designed speed-safe opener? i don't have one yet, but i ordered it today from Bayou LaFourche and it was only $84 including ups.
now if that brown truck would only get here...
Thanks to all for a very generous selection.

I'll have to hit my local stores and try these out for size (and weight). I'm leaning towards the Boker (a brand I don't already have)..

At the price that some of the suggestions are selling, I may even convince my better half to let me get two

This/these may end up being my everyday carrier until I learn enough about folders to get "the one" ... maybe a Sebenza.

Actually I mentioned "lightweight" because I tend to wear sweats and tees alot and the thin and soft material registers a heavy folder (including the Seb) too much.

In regards to the price limit, it's a personal thing, but $100 worth of blade is the most I'd like to carry cuz I'm not otherwise into expensive gadgets or clothes, and while a $400+ Sebenza or custom would be definitely cool to have.. it'd be too ironic if that were the only thing of value I'd have to lose or have stolen.
The Benchmade Leopard and Leopard Cub are classics, you will find lots of fans of them here on the forums. Aluminum scales and an ATS-34 blade in a useful flat ground drop point shape. I'm not sure about the full size Leopard, but you can get the smaller Cub for about $70 on the internet.

Spyderco Harpy or Merlin would be my picks for this category. Harpy comes in SS or G-10 and the Merlin has the same handle as the Delica 98. They have the same blade, a nice serrated hawk bill style. you can see the Harpy at Spyderco.com.
I really like my A.G. Russell Featherlight. It costs about $30 in AUS-8 and about $50 in ATS-34. You can look at them on A.G.'s site.

My favorite lightweight folder in that size range is the David Boye lockback. 3" blade, very light and slim, very good edge geometry, and very eronomic. Excellent alternative to the Delica.

They are somewhat hard to find, but a Spyderco Centofante would also fit your spec nicely.