Favorite Rusty Stories from the HI Forum

Oct 28, 2000
Just thinking that Rusty would appreciate having some of his better moments on the HI Forum retold as I am sure they would inspire his recovery more quickly. To the older forumites, lets hear some of your favorite Rusty stories, now that the coast is clear....

Rusty lives about 120 miles south in the small town of Hawthorn -- pop. maybe 4,500. If he needs anything other than basics he has to drive to Fallon or Reno. When he comes to Reno he usually stops by he cantina to say hello and look over the inventory. Every time he comes by he warns me that he will buy nothing today -- and almost always walks off with two or three khukuris. I think this is what inspired him to come up with his HIKV tag. Besides being one of the world's good guys he's a card!

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Then there was the story how Rusty developed the infamous Kama Sutra Khukuri Oil...which is designed to lubricate your khukuri with sensuous feeling and pheromonal power...and prevent it from getting...rusty

I don't have any stories per se, but I have an observation. Rusty keeps things very interesting around here! You could be reading a post about how to sharpen a khukuri and Rusty will post a reply that blends history,philosophy,religion,khukuris, and "Indian/rez humor"(which I usually need explained to me
)! Just when you think you can sit back and get lazy in your thinking--BAM! He'll hit you with a post that makes you stop and go "What? Oh, yeah. I see what he means. Wait, no I don't. Oh, yes I do...etc..)
Anyway it'll be great to have him back again.