Favorite Simonich Blade?

Nov 7, 1999
Hey Guys....

Ok.. It's time to bring this forum back to life...
Over the last many years Rob has made some Killer blades...

What's your favorite ?? Colabs, Customs or Midtechs are welcome..

Probably my teo favorites are the Crowfoot he gave me last year, and the cuda Talon by Camillus...

Whats Yours ?


Bitteroot! I've handled a lot of small fixed blades, but nothing else that size has felt so good in my hand. Working on the extreme ends of the size range really puts a maker to the test. Rob got an A+. :)

--Bob Q
Raven Combat w/bandbreaker. Took me a while to get my hands on one and was worth every penny and minute of wait (swapped an N.O. and a VTAC for it).
Its my favorite because - We were training pretty hard at AP Hill last summer when B.O.B. (big orange ball) got a hold of one of our troopers. He wasn't acclimated and he paid for it. He hit the ground and started with the hippy hippy shakes - Heat stroke. One of the drivers started spasing and couldn't get the water jug unbuckled. When I got to the scene one joe was on the ground turning red and convulsing and 8 others were watching this poor kid pulling on this jug in a panic. I shoved through and took a swipe at the jug and the strap with my raven. Jug got cut, strap got cut, Hummers tailgate got gashed, and the troop on the ground got splashed (then tapped and casvaced). The C O looked at me afterwards and I started to apologize for shoving him and cutting up his truck but he said "F%^& it glad you had a knife".
This is a bit of a rant and I don't mean to hijack the thread, but thats why that knife is my favorite and at least one other troopers.

SGT B. Walter
Mine are mid-techs, including Bitteroot and Crowfoot. Great knives by the great man.
I was lucky enough to have a custom Raven Combat, but my favorite - and among my EDCs - is the Talonite Bitteroot.


As I've so often said, I wish I could have met the man and shook his hand, but alas, that will have to wait. Until then, his spirit will live on in his beautiful works.

aka DumboRAT
My favorites are my unfinished Kanji, the Talon, and most recently, the Crowfoot Rob sent me.
Early when Rob was making the Talonite Cetans, I bought one. Still my favorite knife by Rob. It seems to melt in my hand. I also have another custom Cetan in 420V, ironwood handles with mosaic pins and filework arrowheads on the spine. I really like these.

Of the midtech line: Urban Raven, Bitteroot.

Obviously I'm biased as I have Rob's first ever Talonite fixed and folding knives. The original "Talonite Project" Wambli and later his first of 33 Simonich-Rekat Carnivores.

Picture includes Trace Rinaldi's first Talonite knife, the Chimera.

I also have (not pictured) a Camillus Talonite Talon of Rob's design which makes for a fantastic front pocket slip carry piece.

My favorite blade from Rob would be a Raven. However, I do not own one yet, but one day, I WILL!!! I remember the 02' edition of Blade that had Rob and his Raven on the cover. I still have that edition in my magazine rack by my EZ chair. I DO have a Bitteroot, and haven't stopped carrying it since the day I received it. Awesome little knife!
The Raven! There couldn't be a more simple, yet effective design. That blades gets a lot of use, but you couldn'tell it from looking at it.
I was lucky enough to aquire a custom Uban Raven in a recent
trade and I am very pleased with the overall design and
craftsmanship of this knife. A Mid-tech bitteroot is next on my
Bitteroot. The neatest little neck knife I've seen.
I might have to add a Crowfoot to my wish list.

I have my eye on the Kootenai... Christine said that it won't be ready until Feb. I hope I could hold enough cash until then.
My favorite and most used is my Crowfoot. Carried upsidedown with a tek-lok. If the Kootenai is coming in Feb. I will be ready for it.

1. Talonite Carnivour w/fancy filework & Ringed Gidgee scales

2. Talonite Wegner hunter fixed blade w/burgundy Micarta scales

3. Talonite Pikuni w/Ringed Gidgee scales

4. Talonite Darrel Ralph EDC collaboration - Rob ground the blade

5. 3V Boot knife w/burl scales & filework (can't remember wood type)

6. rest of his knives & Camillus collabs I own

Hey Guys...

Yaaaa the Kootenai is sure to be a Winner... I also think I forgot to add my Pikuni to the list...

The Kootenai is very similar to the Pikuni,, but only bigger...


After digging through my knives last night, I fell in love with my Pikuni all over again, so I need to add that one to my list.