favorite small stockman type?

Dec 15, 2002
What is your favorite and why? I've got a Schrade 807 Uncle Henry that for my purposes works great. I love the small size. It is about the third or fourth that I've had over the years. Although, it was very sad at how dull it came in the box. You could ride to town on it if you so chose:barf: Anyway, it rides in my left front pocket most days and does most anything I ask it to do. thanks for the forum. dtsoll:)
Old Timer middleman. I got my $13 worth. I wouldn't mind picking up something a little nicer one of these days, maybe a Queen or a Bulldog.

I really like my Queen small stockman. Also the Schrade OT middleman is one of my fav.
I´ve had Boker, Schrade OT, Uncle Henry, Imperial Ireland, Buck and a not-to-traditional looking Gerber.

I cannot give a logical reason but since I bought it in 1976 The Uncle Henry premium stockman has been in my pocket almost daily, it just feels good, looks good, works good...
I have been carrying a schrade OT 1080T for some time now. It was actually a second that I got in a group of knives off ebay. It's perfectly good, and if it gets damaged, oh well.

I've also been known to carry an older schrade 708 or 808, sometimes an 808Y.(Can you tell I like schrade?) The size on these is just right for the pocket.
My favorite stockman is a Scrade-Walden with jigged bone scales. When I bought it, it was lightly used, with a nice patina, but showed no sign of ever having been sharpened. It takes an wicked edge and looks good.

Probably one of my favorite carry knives.

Are you a schrade walden freak like me? That's what I've been into recently.
I love the Schrade Middleman. I use it for both whittling and basic EDC use. It's a classic. Love that carbon steel and monster sized sheepsfoot blade.

It may not technically qualify as a stockman pattern, but the Buck Cadet might as well be a called a stockman. It's a great slipjoint for people who don't want to have to mess with their knives. The Cadet is very stainless and actually comes with a sharpened edge.

Which one is my favorite? I've been asking myself that question for years, and still can't decide.
Yeah Buzzbait,
I've got a cadet and like it alot. I've also got a pony and a colt. I like them all. two and three blade knives have a place in my heart. I usually carry one of these in my left pocket as well as a folder of some type clipped on my right. dtsoll
Schrade Middleman 34OT! Nice size, nice price, and a nice knife. One of my EDC group.

Yep. I love Schrade-Waldens. My first knife was one, so there is a sentimental tie there. I have a bunch of their fixed blades, but what I really like is their old slipjoints with jigged bone and carbon steel. You can find some nice ones on ebay sometimes.

One of my favorites is their large, two-bladed folding hunter.
The only stockman knives that I own are the Schrade Middleman and the Buck cadet. Both of them are very good knives.
I've been searching for the perfect stockman for the longest time.
It might be the Bulldog mid-size in jigged stag bone handle. Lately, it's in my pocket every day.
Excellent fit and finish, high C steel takes a wicked edge, and it has the coolest matchstriker nail nicks!
Mooremaker also has a good selection of stockmen in different handle colors (smooth or jigged). Plus, I love the shape of their main blade.
I just picked up a Henckles 3 blade stockman with green jigbone handles...off of ebay, it was a Christmas present to myself. Fit, Finish is wonderful...:D :D :D