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Nov 4, 1998
I admit it, I like LEather Sheaths, and I think there is alot of other people that are sort of appalled at the trend of Kydex sheaths nowadays.

I am also curious about what style and how you like to carry your sheath knives. Personally I like my sheaths to carry low when they are on my belt, where the bandle is at the top of the beltline, and for the knife to carry as close to the body as possible.

I do sometimes carry a knife IWB, and I do admit that the one that carries best is Kydex, but it carries well because of the design (which was just a fluke and luck of the draw consideraing Alan Folts had no idea of what kind of sheath I was looking for and so he made a simple pancake sheath to ship the knife with and I attached some leather belt loops to it. it turned out real well)..

My main gripe against high rise sheaths is that the protrude and make bulges under my coat or flannel etc. That might be my fault, since I am no string bean by any means.

So tell me, what is your favorite?


Well, there's three types of sheaths that I prefer. For folders, I prefer a roll-out horizontal belt pouch sheath made by a few makers, including Bob Lunceford.

For my own defensive carry fixed blade knives, I use either a IWB or inverted carry kydex sheaths of my own make. (When I make them myself, I can get exactly the amount of tension I want.)

For hunting and presentation knives, I have to say the most impressive work I've seen for a while is by Sandy Morrissey who is a sheathmaker who does work for Jerry Hossom. On Jerry's Website there's a picture of one of Sandy's sheaths. www.hossom.com


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Feb 4, 1999
Based purely on looks, I think my bet is on leather. I have a Madpoet with a knife that has a sheath made of leather that is so rich in color I can't help but admire it. Leather has a beauty and a feel to it that is very appealing, not to mention the smell, the fact that it gets better with age, etc. It is VERY nice material.
In certain situations, though, leather is impractical. Once you start adding all sorts of belt and webs and snaps and straps it becomes cumbersome and ugly, in my opinion. Also, leather can be expensive, there are a lot of downsides to its use in certain environments, etc.
From a functional point of view, Kydex is tough to beat. You get the potential for a modular design that can be stripped down and fullt cleaned (GREAT for messy hunters), it can have a variety of carry options, you don't have to worry about it falling apart in wet, nasty environments, etc. Kydex is a useful, practical material that does have its own sense of beauty, albeit in different ways from leather.
Also, you can get a sheath for a full sized fixed blade custom made in Kydex for $30, whereas the same custom made thing in leather will run you $50-$75 if you're lucky. There is always a cost issue, isn't there?
I must say that for most knives I really prefer Kydex, but I like a leather sheath as much as the next guy. Maybe more, since I am a sheathmaker myself and I know how much work it takes to make them, regardless of material.

My Custom Kydex Sheath page:
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Jul 9, 1999
Thank You very much!
I was gonna answer this post and I see you've covered everything I wanted to cover to a tee! And you put it much more articulatly than I could to boot!
So, thanks for saving me all the typing!

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Jun 29, 1999
I agree with George. I usually end up making a leather sheath for fixed blades since I rarely see one of the right design or quality. Latigo leather, impregnated with SnowSeal, and stitched with waxed nylon thread mades a sheath that lasts for years.

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Mar 2, 1999
Yekim, you probably know my answer?
Leather does it for me, quieter than other forms of sheaths, the cloth variety is nice but it gathers things to it when traveling throught the woods, the kydex is a good sheath too the snap in part is neat and you can feel pretty confident it won't fall out on you. But leather keeps my vote.

Alberta Ed, I'll have to try some of that snowseal stuff, sounds like it really works for you.


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Jun 30, 1999
You can't beat the look and the feel of leather. I worry about corrosion so my favorite sheaths are those with wood innards, which also helps minimize the chance of penetration. Where possible, I like to have a choice of belt carry or behind the back carry. I also have a couple of sheaths with snaps for attachment to packs. Kydex is pretty efficient, I must admit, but it does tend to scratch bead blasted surfaces.


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Mar 18, 1999
Kydex is tough and will keep a blade from puncturing your leg. But I have always been partial to good ol' leather. I have a Randall model 18 with a well worn sheath that just looks beautiful. Leather also has a sort of personality that the other materials lack. I think I found the perfect sheaths with Rob Simonich. Leather with Kydex liners. Perfect.
Jun 15, 1999
The sheaths Cold Steel uses for their 2nd's - I really like those...
Aug 20, 1999
my favorite sheath is from my gerber Mark 1.first off I like the clip, since you don't have to wear a belt & you can clip it to a pack etc. Second is the 'thumb-break' snap. I wish more leather sheaths had this feature. You can grasp the handle of the knife and undo the snap at the same time, which is a big help if the blade isn't pointed down (to keep the knife in the sheath. I guess it is easier (and therefore cheaper) to put the snap on the sheath body and the retaining strap wrapping down over the guard.
I want to start working with kydex and wonder if anyone with 1st hand knowledge, would like to post some "how to's"
Jul 30, 1999
I will have to say leather, for mirror polished knives, and collector peices. Kydex for knives that will be subjected to harsh enviroments. Are where corrosion resistance is a factor.

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